The SBU Searched the Premises of a TV Channel Owned by Igor Kolomoisky

The building of the TV channel “1+1” in Kiev at the address 18 Kurenevsky Street is now being searched by the Security Service of Ukraine. This was stated by the people’s deputy from “Servants of the PeopleAleksandr Dubinsky on his Telegram page on February 5th.

“Men in masks showing up was organised by the SBU. I’m going to the scene. I propose that journalists and colleagues-deputies join,” wrote Dubinsky. According to him, “even former President Petro Poroshenko was too shy to organise” searches of this media outlet.

Later it became known that searches were taking place in the studio of the editorial office of “Secret materials”. The journalist Vladimir Timofeychuk live steamed the searches.

The searches reportedly stated at about 5pm. Employees of “1+1” said that the security forces showed a document in which there was permission to search, the security forces did not show other documents.

According to the employees, the SBU suspects that the “1+1” journalist Evgeny Kuksin leaked controversial recordings of the Prime Minister Aleksey Goncharuk.

At around 19:10 the deputy Dubinsky, arrived at the building of the TV channel and spoke to the officers of the SBU, declaring that the searches are illegal. The TV station called the police. At around 7:30 p.m. the police arrived at the building.

The deputy from “Servants of the People” Aleksandr Kunitsky also broadcasted live from the site of the searches.

The media say that the group at the scene wants to seize the computers of journalists, and the main goal is Dubinsky’s computer.

In addition, the People’s Deputy from “Opposition Platform – For Life” Nestor Shufrich came to the building.

Later on Facebook the SBU reported that searches are indeed not related to the activities of the “1+1” TV channel.

“The Ministry notes that searches are carried out against specific persons, the security forces are looking for data carriers or computers. The SBU emphasises that there is no interference in the work of the TV channel. “Details will come later,” stressed the department.

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