The SBU Started an Investigation into Poroshenko for State Treason and the Theft of Sniper Rifles

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


The People’s Deputy Vitaly Kupry, the deputy head of the Committee of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine concerning legislative support for law-enforcement activity said that the SBU is investigating the fact of Petro Poroshenko’s high treason and the theft of sniper complexes from members of the special forces. 
This was written by the politician himself on Facebook.

“Today I received the summons for interrogation as a witness in criminal proceedings in relation to the carrying out of a PR stunt by the president Petro Poroshenko – donating weapons to units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

As a reminder, the media highlighted information about Poroshenko handing over 100 sniper complexes that belonged to the 3rd regiment of special operations forces in Kropyvnytsky and are worth 500,000,000 hryvnia.

For the purpose of clarifying the legality of such an operation and the mechanism of transferring the weapons to the UAF, I sent an inquiry to the Ministry of Defence. In his answer, the minister Stepan Poltorak reported that 98 (but not 100) units of hunting (but not military) firearms were transferred in accordance with the trilateral contract on purchasing goods with charitable means between weapons suppliers, the Center for provisions, and a subsidiary of the ‘Roshen confectionery corporation’.

Also, the Minister of Defence noted that the disclosure (publication) of such information in the media in the conditions of conducting the anti-terrorist operation can reveal data about the types of weapons used when performing combat tasks or about those who help to carry out the specified operation (without their consent), and also can cause damage to the interests of the national security of Ukraine.

Thus, the exposure of the weapons that are transferred to our military, which according to Stepan Poltorak, can cause harm to the interests of the national security of Ukraine and is a military secret, was organised and carried out at the initiative of Petro Poroshenko for the purpose of spreading it in the media!

Through the court I managed to force the SBU to begin an investigation into this case and to establish the facts of the theft of two sniper complexes from the military, which, probably, Petro Poroshenko kept for himself or his friends as a gift,” wrote Vitaly Kupry.

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