The SBU Terrorised the Members of a Russian Compatriot Organisation in Poltava

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


On December 7th in Poltava employees of the SBU carried out searches at the homes of participants of the Coordination Council of Russian Compatriot Organisations of Ukraine – the chairman of the board of the compatriot association “Russian Commonwealth” Sergey Provatorov, the historian Yury Pogoda, and the head of the “Russian Community of the Poltava Region” Viktor Shestakov.

During the searches printed materials, office equipment, computer equipment, and mobile phones were confiscated from all three public figures. And at the home of Sergey Provatorov, who was together with relatives celebrating his birthday on this day, a “Medal of Pushkin” and the diploma that he was awarded at the beginning of November during the congress of compatriots were also confiscated.

It is specified in the official statement of the SBU that “representatives of a pro-Russian structure that functioned in one of regions of Ukraine was engaged in promoting the ideas of the so-called ‘Russian world’. In accordance with the order and financing of the special services of the Russian Federation, the propagandists, in particular, created and disseminated material that aims to violate the territorial integrity of our country”.

The participants of Coordination council of the organisations of the Russian compatriots of Ukraine are incriminated with committing a crime against the foundations of the national security of Ukraine according to part 1 of Article 110 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine – deliberate actions committed for the purpose of changing the borders of the territory or the state borders of Ukraine in defiance of the order established by the Constitution of Ukraine, and also public appeals and the distribution of materials containing appeals to commit such actions. The sanction on these criminal proceedings stipulates imprisonment for a period of 3 to 5 years with or without the confiscation of property.

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Also, as the human rights activists of Uspishna Varta found out, on December 10th the SBU summoned Sergey Provatorov, Yury Pogoda, and Viktor Shestakov for questioning. After this contact was disrupted.

The human rights platform “Uspishna Varta” continues to monitor the situation.

Previously “Uspishna Varta” reported on Telegram that on November 9th in Kiev the employees of the SBU, together with “Alpha” special forces, based on the ruling of the investigative judge of the Pechersky court, carried out searches in the apartments of the leader of the public organisation “Bratya” Aleksandr Sukharsky and his deputy Aleksandr Negoda.

An old photo showing the reason why the SBU searched the homes of members of the “Bratya” organisation – they want to protect the Vatutin monument in Kiev, which the banderists want to demolish

An older video showing the SBU carrying out a search on November 9th at the home of Aleksandr Sukharsky:

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