The SBU Tortured a Former DPR Militiaman to Death, Dumped His Corpse on the Contact Line

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


The special services of Ukraine tortured to death a former DPR militiaman, and discreetly dumped his corpse on the line of demarcation in order to accuse the military personnel of the Republic of committing murder.

This was stated by the official representative of the leadership of the People’s Militia of the DPR Daniil Bezsonov during a briefing on July 20th.

He especially highlighted that despite the numerous warnings of the population about the hypocrisy and falsity of the employees of Ukrainian law enforcement bodies, there are still trustful citizens who believe the propaganda of Security Service specialists of Ukraine.

“Thus, the native of Donetsk Andrey Viktorovich Gordeev, who served in the militia in 2014-2015, having become acquainted on social networks with a woman from Mariupol [UAF-controlled territory – ed] decided to tie his future to her and thus moved in with her.

Having trusted the program of the SBU ‘You are awaited at home’, on July 14 he was detained by the military personnel from the 36th separate brigade of marines during an attempt to cross to the territory temporarily under the control of the UAF near the settlement Vodyanoye .

Because he was unarmed and explained the reason for his transition, military personnel handed him over to the employees of the SBU in order to clarify the circumstances. In turn, the citizen Gordeev’s explanation – that he wants to return to Ukraine – didn’t suit the employees of the SBU,” reported Daniil Bezsonov.

According to the official representative of the Defense Ministry, it is the presence on the deceased of clothes with a camouflage colour that formed the sufficient basis to accuse him of working for the law enforcement agencies of the DPR.

“Physical methods of influence were used against him, as a result of which he died. In order to hide the traces of murder and fearing punishment for the deeds, the SBU fired a shot into the back of the corpse and took his body to the contact line in order to promote the narrative that it is us [DPR – ed] who shot our comrade in the back. Upon this fact the Prosecutor General’s Office of the Republic opened a criminal case,” said Daniil Bezsonov.

Comment of the DPR press service representative Mikhail Andronik

The latest horrifying baseness from the so-called special services of Ukraine. Everybody knows about the widely advertised program of the SBU “Come back home”, under which former military personnel of the LDPR can allegedly return to the territory under the control of Ukraine, serve a prison sentence there, and then continue to live a “normal life in Ukraine”.  It is possible to be outraged at the phrase “normal life in Ukraine” , but it’s not this that is important here.

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Literally just two days ago the entire Ukrainian side of the Internet burst from carbon copies of written articles about the military personnel of of the DPR “shooting in the back a militiaman trying to come over to the side of the UAF”. And one day later the SBU handed over the man’s corpse to representatives of the DPR.

And here is the most interesting thing: on his body the bullet entrance near the shoulder and its exit to the right, under the ribs, is clearly visible. I.e., the shot was fired from above-sideways, the deceased at the same time most likely was kneeling and his hands at this moment were tied behind his back, not to mention the deep cuts on his hands, the origin of which also suggests that the welcoming of the one who “returned home” wasn’t very warm.

And that’s the entire story, which smells of a so-called “special operation of the SBU”, where a guy was simply enticed with the help of a woman on that side, understood that he is of use for them, and then they killed him, having cooked up at the same time a fake story about how the military personnel of the DPR shoot deserters in the back.

One conclusion: remember that any deals with the enemy will lead to nothing good.

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