The SBU Wiped the Data of Surveillance Cameras in the Case of Sheremet, the Killers Are Intelligence Agents

Former Deputy Head of Administration of the President of Ukraine, and now well-known lawyer and enemy of Poroshenko Andrey Portnov reported that the Security Service of Ukraine replaced the video surveillance footage in the area of the high-profile murder of the journalist Pavel Sheremet.

“Dear journalists, I inform that in the case of Pavel Sheremet employees of the Department of National Statehood Defence (Department T of the SBU) during the reign of Vasily Gritsak the video camera servers in the area of the journalist’s assassination were seized and later returned to their owners fully formatted, and in some cases replaced with new ones.

In addition, the investigation has evidence of cooperation and official intelligence work between Department T of the Security Service and three detained suspects in the murder of the journalist.

I also remind you that so far the absolute majority of SBU functionaries involved continue to work in the SBU today.

In order to understand who the client of this crime is, in addition to the work carried out by the police, it is necessary to carry out urgent investigations in the SBU, seize the intelligence affairs of the persons involved, and carry out searches in this department of the SBU and at the places of all those who were responsible for contact with the investigation into this crime during the time of Poroshenko.

The law stipulates that this is the investigation of the State Bureau of Investigation, to which it would be high time for the Prosecutor General to send part of this episode, rather than to scratch himself at press conferences,” said Andrey Portnov.

As was previously reported, three of the five detainees in the case of the murder of Sheremet are freelance employees of the SBU, said Ilya Kiva – a former high-ranking officer of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine and now People’s Deputy of the Verkhovna Rada.

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