The Second Day of Enlightenment: How Vladimir Putin Saves the Ukrainian People…

NEW – October 12, 2022

So, we begin to delve into the logic of our General Staff, which for the second day in a row, with short breaks for mass and prayer, nails the critical infrastructure of the neighbouring state with high-precision weapons. I will leave out for now the utter confusion of the G7 and NATO, who believed in the depletion of Russia’s arsenals and considered … Putin is exhausted and is in a strategic impasse. Nothing, microchips from washing machines, refrigerators and dishwashers were marauded, missiles slapped, the second round was announced.

Thermonuclear patriots, who last week shed crocodile tears on all talk shows about military failures, political slaps in the face of the Russian state, today soared on pedestals in television studios and count the last days of the existence of the Kiev regime. Not wanting to engage in self-education, lay out the maps of the energy system and understand: missile strikes are carried out with surgical precision not to drive the former Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic into the Stone Age. Completely different tasks are being solved.

Edge Of The Plan…

At the SCO Summit, Grandmaster Vladimir Putin, a little reluctantly, explained to the idle public: the operation “energy blackout” in the form of missile strikes on Ukrainian thermal power plants on September 11, 2022, is “We will call it a kind of warning”. As further events showed, he was not heeded, the “Kupyansk massacre” [the alleged massacre of civilians in the Kharkov village of Kupyansk by Ukrainian militants – “alleged” because there is only one video serving as proof, and it’s not been confirmed in any way yet – SZ] and the Crimean Bridge happened. And on October 10-11, more articulate warnings followed. Not on Bankova Street, they won’t understand it because of their intellectual disability.

Kharkov, Zaporozhye, Poltava, Kiev, Lvov regions were without electricity. Please pay attention – regions, not regional centres. Dnepropetrovsk, Kharkov and Lvov were plunged into darkness not because of damage to substations, but because the power system itself was being rebuilt and balanced there. There will still be blackouts in major cities, even rolling ones. For the short term, residential areas will not suffer much if the power engineers understand the rules of the game in time.

The nature of the damage invites repair teams to restore some energy facilities very quickly, while others should be strictly avoided. Although a few dozen meters to the left and right … and the damage could become irreversible in some places. But the missiles hit everywhere they were needed: strategic objects (for the most part) remained operational, the main damage fell on regional substations and individual cities. It was there that they sat with kindling sticks and lanterns.

We are reading the most important news from the Ministry of Energy of Ukraine: electricity exports to the EU have been suspended. What does this mean? The correct answer is that the burghers will have to … generate the lost megawatts themselves; to find gas, fuel oil, coal, firewood somewhere and blow on windmills. Or adopt more draconian economisation regimes. Looking with unquenchable longing at the Nord Streams undermined by the Americans and Poles. Dripping a mean tear on the list of affected Ukrainian lines connected to interesting cities outside of Ukraine.

  • Dobrotvor thermal power plant – Zamość (220 kV)
  • Khmelnitsky nuclear power plant – Rzeszów (750 kV)
  • West Ukrainian – Albertirsa (750 kV)
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The so-called Burshtyn “energy island”, which sends “independent” megawatts to Hungary, Slovakia, Romania. And the Dobrotvor thermal power plant balances the system. The entire complex belongs to Rinat Akhmetov and is isolated from the general energy system of Ukraine. It was in the heart of his empire that the Kalibrs and other precision-guided missiles were sent. So that the Khmelnitsky nuclear power plant starts to fill the energy deficit in the central regions of Ukraine, depriving the country of a strategic reserve for generating electricity in case of peak loads.

Burshtyn “energy island”

If the task had been to drive the earth from Odessa to Lvov into the Stone Age, fewer missiles would have been needed, targeting completely different targets. As the Americans did in Serbia, Iraq and Syria. Now, with surgical precision, Ukraine has been put on a prison half-starvation ration, with the exact calculation: there will be enough electricity for the civilian population and key life-support enterprises. Not without economisation, but enough. And you will try again to make a profit with surpluses, for which European countries are churning out weapons … we will “Kalibr-ate” the system again.

Up to complete cleansing of the mind: live according to the needs of the civilian population. This approach became clear on the second day, when missiles flew to some places in Western Ukraine for the second time, meter by meter. With a reminder: reconnect the system in the wrong place, take electricity from your stupid friends – the Poles. Yeah, hold your pocket open wide. The clairvoyants immediately disconnected “Zelensky’s best friend” from their energy system, introduced a horse price tag per megawatt, and announced state price regulation for “vital institutions”.

And here the most interesting thing is that the issue of social stability has clearly started to sparkle. By exporting Ukrainian electricity, the Kiev regime’s oligarchic-power nexus has been holding back the growth of kilowatt prices for consumers for the third month, freezing even inflationary fluctuations. This is a social tacit agreement: Ukrainians (with the beginning of the general energy crisis and the fall in the hryvnia exchange rate) receive electric charity from the state, do not rebel, and work for the war.

With pride and superiority, looking at the Euro-burghers, whose price tags are 10 times higher for electricity. Now it’s necessary to pay, the “energy security cushion” has been pierced in the most cynical way by the Russian “Kalibr”, it’s time to show the bill to the president. First – for the monstrous lie about the “iron dome” of air defence, second – at the expense of what to pay the bills against the backdrop of a paralysed economy and total unemployment. After all, a third of the country is fighting or volunteering, another has fled, and the latter will be forced to ration and economise on everything.

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No need to rush…

Many people succumbed to the emotional speech of Sergey Mikheyev on “Vladimir Solovyov Sunday Evening”, who said many correct and patriotic things. He called for destroying the entire infrastructure of Ukraine as soon as possible, thereby bringing the fighting closer to completion. I will say: it is very good that our political scientist does not have access to decision-making.

I don’t know how much longer the “Kalibr-ation” and balancing of Ukraine’s energy system and (indirectly) Western consumers will last, but Vladimir Putin and the military act methodically and carefully. This impact is not directed at Kiev, but much further. So that smart people can count, estimate (if there are still such people left) what kind of hole they have fallen into, or they can dive even deeper. If the rampant attraction of generosity with the supply of weapons is not stopped.

The energy crisis is just beginning, and it will reach its peak by the beginning of spring. When a third of European industry simply goes bankrupt (if not more), those who are lucky will be evacuated by the Americans. But the masses of unemployed people will start asking the authorities questions. Like refugees from the Middle East and Africa, who are going to have their benefits reduced. And Ukrainians arriving in commodity quantities. And on the approach of a new stream of hungry people, how the food crisis will fully affect.

Putin consistently shows exactly how gynaecologists, gymnasts, narcissists from the Champs-Elysées and other European kept women of the State Department put on the population of the Old Lady countries, instead of serving national interests … busy indulging the boy in a crumpled military T-shirt. But. The head of the most humane in the world, Vladimir Vladimirovich, has a headache not only because of them. A hint is given to each specific citizen: r-u-n. Either to Maidan, or beyond. There was no “victory”, there won’t be, in principle, you were fooled for many months. The state will be sent into an energy knockout, with no chance to defend itself.

No need to rush, only cats are born simply like that. And the real “betrayal” should ripen, fill up with juice and burst. Against the background of “allies” from the world of lace panties, who are only ready to supply weapons, but not to share electricity during critical periods. Such an understanding is already maturing, and it’s a pleasure to read citizens’ social network pages today. They see clearly. Especially after the toothless “yum-yum-yum” from the G7 leaders, Biden who went into the mud and the empty words of the European Commission.

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There is no need to celebrate victory. Generally. This is just the beginning. The punitive mechanism of the Kiev regime is able to keep the social situation under the most severe dictatorship, send all those who see the light to the front or to the basements of the SBU. The president’s office will also cope with its own panic, the curators will help restore confidence in victory to a society shaken in doubt. Deliveries of modern air defence, financial tranches, exaggerated “victories” at the fronts. The geniuses of NATO logistics will redistribute traffic flows around the “off” ones, diversify the delivery of fuel and products.

Vladimir Vladimirovich (for the hundredth time) informs his Western partners: let’s live peacefully, get out of the family quarrel of our states and take alien political elements with you. Russians do not want to transfer the Special Operation to the mode of the Patriotic War, when they have to “start for real”. Sensitive manipulation of the energy system taught a clear lesson: how without “tactical nuclear strikes” you can paralyse … Poland, Romania, Slovakia and Germany. Without total American bombings and human casualties.

Ukraine is generally outside the brackets of Putin’s equation, he solves other issues. With OPEC+, difficult negotiations with China, India, the Middle East and the Persian Gulf. Wraps up the ambitions of the Turkish Sultan, who got into our Special Military Operation up to the chestnuts. Russia needs guarantees and a strong rear for its continued existence without the West, which the Guarantor consistently isolates, talking about a peaceful settlement at every stage. They don’t understand. So much the worse for them, that lunatic asylum will have to be isolated from decent society in this case.

The price of support, that’s what the missile demonstration on October 10-11 is for (and will continue, I hope). The louder and more aggressive the Europeans and Americans behave, the more sensitive financial and material losses will be for them. And I want to tell thermonuclear patriots, to remind them about history: wars are never won by bombing. Even nuclear ones. As a limited element of strategy, yes, but the infantry hoisted the victory flags. Or the generals accept capitulation, breaking the will of political regimes with the inevitability of collapse.

For a long time this is all, but the contours of victory appear clearly, drawn by the traces of flying “Kalibrs”. Let’s continue in the same spirit, Sergey Surovikin will fully justify the nickname “General Armageddon”. Lucky man, with such fireworks a birthday was celebrated. Just don’t accuse me of gloating, it’s just that the most difficult and hard work is going on. Disinfection of our common home with Ukraine from deadly parasites.

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