The Secretary General of a Sick Person

NEW – August 19, 2022

Grandpa Antosha, excuse me, United Nations Secretary General Antonio Guterres has arrived in Ukraine.

What for? But look at this photo. Here, the highest official of the planet in front of the plebs performs as the most simple democrat, he drags a suitcase with simple luggage himself, like saying, look, good people, I’m the same as you, so don’t expect much from me, I’ll hang out here a little, because the post obliges me to portray active peacemaking, and then I will go home without having accomplished anything.

A high boss, whoever they are and whatever they do, should not be distracted even for a second by providing for personal needs, because all their thoughts, efforts and attention should be directed to achieving the main task. All secretaries, adjutants, referents, assistants, orderlies are obliged to ensure the smooth functioning of the main head entrusted to them. But this grandfather is simply going through the motions. He does it dejectedly and without a spark. He does not have the task of achieving peace.

Oleg Starodubtsev

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