The Shameful Results of Maidanist European Integration: Official Statistics

1. Over the past 6 years, the population has decreased by 3.5 million. There are 54 births per 100 deaths.

2. In the country, from the 37 million population, 11.5 million are pensioners. From the total number of employed, only 7.7 million officially work. The average life expectancy of men is 66 years, 11 years less than in Europe.

3. The number of doctors decreased by 30,000, and the number of nurses decreased by 96,000. The budget of medicine – 2 times less than established by law.

4. 40% of schools need to be repaired, and 47% of schools have temperatures of no more than 16 degrees in winter.

5. Salary arrears for teachers increased by 152%.

6. The rate of industrial decline under Zelensky increased 6.5 times.

7. In 6 years, the aircraft plant has not received a single serial order.

8. No river passenger vessels have been built in 6 years.

9. The share of ship, automobile, aviation, car building in Ukrainian exports is 2 times less than the shre of wood exported from Ukraine.

10. Declared bankrupt: Mariupol Heavy Mechanical Engineering Plant, Poltava Automobile Plant, “Autocraz”, and “Rosava”. In a deep crisis: “Zaporozhstal”, “Arselor Mittal”, “Malyshev” plant, “Motor Sich”, “Yuzhmash”, and Turboatom.

11. 40% of the total land area is contaminated land, and the thickness of the humus layer has decreased by 20%.

12. 60% reduction in coal production.

13. Depreciation of fixed assets in energy is 90%.

14. More than 90% of all household waste is sent to landfills with an area of 9,000 hectares.

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15. In the ranking of road quality Ukraine is in 114th place out of 141 countries, and in Ukraine there are 400 accidents daily, including due to the poor condition of the road surface.

16. In the ranking of expenditures on food Ukraine claimed 93rd place out of 100. Ukrainians spend 42% of their income on food.

17. In terms of abortion, Ukraine ranks 5th in the world. 1,000 unborn children are killed every day in Ukraine.

18. In terms of GDP per capita, Ukraine ranks last in Europe.

19. The exchange rate of the US dollar grew by 300% from 8 hryvnia in 2013 to 24 hryvnia in 2020.

20. Electricity increased by 5 times, rent – by 2 times, gas – by 10 times, cold water – by 6 times, heating – by 12 times, and hot water – by 6 times. The debt of citizens for apartment bills increased 3 times and amounted to 60 billion hryvnia.

How do “Servants of the People” plan to combat all this? Their recipe is simple – to sell the still state-owned “Naftogaz“, “Ukrpochta“, and “Ukrzaliznytsya“, as well as another 500 state enterprises along with our land. And they pay themselves a salary, for example, the head of “Naftogaz” receives $930,000 a month, the head “Ukrzaliznytsya” – nearly 2,000,000 hryvnia a month. And for ordinary Ukrainians, those who are unable to pay sky-high utility tariffs, “Servants of the People” proposed to sell their dogs. Yes, dogs. The country in a smartphone …

It is time for all healthy forces to unite and bring order to the country. As one famous character said. Procrastination is like death…

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Renat Kuzmin

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