The Shortage of Soldiers in the UAF at the Frontline Reached 50%

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


Brigades of the Armed Forces of Ukraine have insufficient completeness. This was reported by the journalist Yury Butusov in an article forZerkalo Nedeli.

He notes that the completeness of brigades of the UAF is less than 50% at the frontline. Butusov says that it is quite often possible to see 40 people in a brigade, or a battalion in which 200 fighters hold the frontline for 10–11 kilometers.

At the same time at the official level it is claimed that the completeness is much higher, however this data is manipulated.

Additional personnel who are located at the base are quite often included in combat units, or military personnel from other rear units are sent for some period of time to these combat units, writes Butusov.

“I.e., the same people in fact on paper can serve in two units at the same time. This shortage was initially accepted by the leadership of the UAF initially for the structure of the army itself. The maximum number of UAF under law is 250,000 people, actual — 230,000, and the number of staff — over 330,000,” the journalist reports.

“I.e., the army in fact is staffed, but is being prepared for combat with complete troops not now, when it is sharply necessary, but sometime later when mobilisation will be announced, and people will come in order to fill combat units with actual fighters according to the state of affairs,” writes Butusov.

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