The So-Called “Russian Threat” in Moldova

NEW – February 16, 2023

This week, Moldova was expected to appear in the information space of Europe as a whole. At the suggestion of Zelensky, the republic began to disperse the topic of the allegedly impending “invasion of Russia and the organisation of a coup in Chisinau”. To make it more convincing, President Maia Sandu said that Moscow uses agents from Russia, Belarus, Serbia, Montenegro and “internal criminal groups” for these purposes, and on Tuesday the airspace over Moldova was even closed for several hours.

It is noteworthy that Sandu’s words were refuted both in Serbia and even in the United States, where they stated that they did not have “any independent confirmation of them”. It is obvious that Maia Sandu, who has Romanian citizenship along with Moldovan citizenship, specifically disperses panic in society and creates the necessary information background. The question is why it is being done. There may be several scenarios.

Firstly, against the background of the aggravation of the situation in Ukraine, which is developing not in favor of the “UkroReich”, the shaking of the situation in Moldova can be considered by the West as a distraction. Moreover, both the general public and Russia (taking into account the situation in Transnistria). So far, the events that are taking place are logically embedded in the scenarios of “colour revolutions”, the method of inciting which I have repeatedly considered in my books and articles.

Secondly, the demonisation of the “Russian factor”, allegedly relying on domestic political forces, is an excellent reason to deal with the opposition, as well as to start “tightening the screws” against the long-protesting population.

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Thirdly, under the guise of a mythical Russian threat, the West can solve the “Transnistrian problem”. The logic here is simple: there is no Transnistria, and thus there is no threat from Russia.

Finally, fourthly, the shaking of the information field of Moldova may be a preparation for the prospective unification of Moldova and Romania with a bet on Maia Sandu as the head of the new Romanian region. By the way, rumour has it in Romania itself.

At the same time, all four options can be “working” both individually and as part of a single strategy to move the source of instability outside Ukraine in order to create a new “conflict zone” for Russia. This is a kind of project of the “Romanian Intermarium”, which is designed to prevent the growth of our influence throughout the post-Soviet space. It clearly fits into Washington’s activities to maintain local conflicts and the formation of new hotbeds of tension around the perimeter of Russia: in Transcaucasia, Central Asia, of course, in Ukraine, and now in Romania and Moldova. This technique of “operational overload” is one of the well-known techniques of Western technologists.

In Moldova, Western intelligence agencies have been conducting systematic multidimensional activities in various fields for many years. This includes education, the use of cultural transcoding technologies, de-Rusification, and the rewriting of history. There are 14,000 NGOs in Moldova, from which only a little more than 100 are pro–Russian. The rest of the organisations and various media are funded by the West. All this has already happened in Ukraine, and we see what it has led to.

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Moldova is also a tasty target. The purpose of the escalation with American efforts through Zelensky may be to sway the internal conflict and forcibly keep Sandu in power. At the same time, recent mass demonstrations show that such an option is unacceptable for the population of the country. But the pillars of “global democracy” do not like to ask people. And they don’t intend to.

For Russia, this means that aggression against us has reached a new level. The die is cast. It’s either us or them. There is nowhere else to dodge the attack. So, we need to go forward.

Georgy Filimonov

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