The Son of a Prominent Banderist Demanded to Establish Control Over the Kiev-Pechersk and Pochayev Lavras

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


“In connection with the prospect of autocephaly”

The long-term leader of neo-Nazi UNA-UNSO and people’s deputy Yury Shukhevych – the son of the Hero of Ukraine, Hitlerite collaborator, and head of the Banderist UPA Roman Shukhevych – called on the Kiev regime to “establish control over the church property of the Kiev-Pechersk and Pochayev lavras”.

“In connection with the prospect of receiving full autocephaly by the Ukrainian Orthodox Church (which doesn’t ask for any autocephaly – ed), the threat of the illegal export of historical-cultural values from the main religious Christian buildings that are now controlled by the so-called ‘Ukrainian orthodox church of the Moscow patriarchate’ (hereon in – UOC-MP),” reported the uniate Shukhevych in his appeal to Poroshenko and the speaker of the Rada Parubiy, calling the most ancient orthodox monasteries “Christian buildings”.

And immediately Oleg Lyashko from the “Radical Party” refers to the “testimonies” of certain media agencies, according to which in the Kiev-Pechersk and Pochayev lavras, and also “in other centers of Orthodoxy”, allegedly “groups of persons are being concentrated, and the export of church property and historical-cultural values is being prepared”.

The certain activist Tamara Lozovaya appeared to be “the primary source of this information in the media”, who wrote on “Facebook” that she was called by the same activists from Pochayev, who reported to her about “big traffic” from the Pochayev lavra and back for the purpose of “exporting to Russia as much as possible of everything that it is possible to withdraw”.

And it is this “reliable information” that the Ukrainian media started to spread. And only after it was disproved by the just as “patriotic” deputy of the Pochayev City Council did the uniate information service come to the conclusion that… it was a multidimensional move of the FSB: “Another special operation was launched, which was implemented through the social network ‘Facebook’, where users started planting information about relics and historical values being withdrawn from the Pochayev lavra, and unknown persons were brought there. Posts including information with the following contents gained hundreds and thousands of ‘likes’ and ‘shares’. The aim is to provoke a physical standoff … We appeal to active users of social networks, bloggers, journalists, public activists – to analyze information before relaying it. The Russian special services try to use us in their ‘dirty’ technologies,” said the uniates, warning the owners of washed brains.

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However, as we can see, they failed to preserve Shukhevych’s brain. He, “taking into account the urgent need to protect historical-cultural heritage in the conditions of the threat of its mass export existing, as a Hero of Ukraine, persistently demands:

    1. To account for and register the available historical-cultural values in the religious Christian buildings that are now controlled by the UOC-MP. First of all, in the Svyato-Uspenskaya Pochayev Lavra and the Uspenskaya Kiev-Pechersk Lavra;
    2. To initiate a claim in law enforcement bodies concerning the immediate insurance of around-the-clock control over the export of property from the specified and other religious objects under the control of the UOC-MP”.

Shukhevych warns his president and his speaker: “On the basis of article 367 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine – criminal liability for criminal negligence in the presence of preliminary information about a crime is assigned to responsible persons who were properly informed”. As a People’s Deputy of Ukraine, he demands “to report in writing about the taken measures and decisions”.

And he explains to his voters on “Facebook”: “Our people were robbed in the past, their land was taken away (in reality this means the contrary processes – attaching Novorossiya, Taurida, the most part of Sloboda Ukraine, Subcarpathian Rus, Bukovina, and his own small motherland – Galicia – to “Ukrainian land” – ed), they were robbed, their industry was destroyed (in reality, the industrial giants were constructed and then ruined by Shukhevych’s governance – ed), and now they want to rob us for the third time, taking away from us our historical-cultural and religious values (which, in reality, were created by tens of generations of orthodox Russians – native residents of the present uniate-autocephalous Ukraine – ed). Understanding that Tomos of the Ecumenical Patriarch will be provided to our church (which in this case will inevitably become a uniate one – ed), representatives of the Russian Orthodox Church try to rob our churches and monasteries and to export to Moskovia what doesn’t belong to them… I believe that people who defended and still defend Ukraine against the invasion of the Moscow hordes will be able to also defend our historical-cultural values against the next robbery”.

Such appeals on the Internet page of Kiev-Pechersk Lavra were commented on by the vicar of the monastery Metropolitan Pavel: “It is unpleasant to speak about such a low level of spirituality of people who don’t know either history or the truth, people who never came to churches and never will come, or people of other faiths for who the Russian Orthodox Church is a stumbling block… Threats sound that on the Intercession of the Theotokos there will be captures of shrines, or as they call them – ‘Moscow’s centers’. Why ‘Moscow’s’, and not Christ’s? Unless we have Moscow here? We preach Christ here”.

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