The Son of Petro Poroshenko Dropped the Fake “Ukrainianization” Act After Being Cornered by Angry Protestors

By Ollie Richardson

On July 12th in Kiev the residents of the city and of Ukraine as a whole decided to once again express their anger at policies of the junta sat on Bankova Street that they put in power. This time events took place not under the banner of Saakashvili’s (Kolomoisky’s) “impeachment” movement, but under something called “Europlates” – the owners of cars (typically from Poland or Lithuania) with European registration (for tax avoidance), who went to protest in the city center and to demand that the Cabinet of Ministers repeal the decision about the expansion of police powers and to pass a law on affordable customs clearance of cars. This concerns the resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers from June 20th No. 47, according to which the police receive access to the “Inspector-2006” customs database.

The participants of the protest blocked the exits from the Verkhovna Rada leading to Konstitutsii square and Grushevsky Street. Not only deputies, but also journalists and employees of the Rada were not allowed to leave the building. The protestors chanted “shame” and “Get to work” and demanded an urgent vote for the draft law on the clearance of “Europlates”, although the Parliament session had already been closed by the speaker, but this did not bother the protestors, who shouted in unison “Parubiy”, demanding a meeting with the Chairman of the Parliament.

Deputies left the Parliament building through different exits, and some of them were forced to remove their jackets and ties in order to blend in with the crowd. Once such deputy is the son of Poroshenko, Aleksey. But his attempt to slither away undetected was quickly thwarted by eagle-eyed protestors, who raised the alarm like a bee in a colony. As a result, Aleksey Poroshenko came tête-à-tête with the protesters and was cornered like a rat in a sewer.

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The video of Aleksey’s capture begins at the moment when the protesters pressed the son of Poroshenko near some structure similar to a garage in the courtyard of a house. It’s possible to hear the expressions “call the police”, “why does he put his hands on us?”, “I don’t care who he is”, “and why did you run away?”, and the protesters call for more of their supporters to come to the location where the deputy Aleksey Poroshenko is.

However, later the intensity of the encounter decreased. The protesters said that Aleksey is in no danger, and Poroshenko Jr. answers their question about why the law that was demanded by them hasn’t been adopted. He responded by saying that as a member of the committee on tax policy he voted in the committee for the adoption of draft laws on the legalisation of cars with foreign registration, however there were many laws on the agenda, including the Central Electoral Commission. He promised that tomorrow (on July 13th) there will be a meeting, during which the law that is demanded by the protesters will be considered.

It should be noted that for the majority of the conversation with the protestors Aleksey spoke in Russian, and occasionally suddenly switched to Ukrainian. I.e., the repressive Law “on Education” passed by the Verkhovna Rada (and by Aleksey Poroshenko’s father Petro in particular)  on September 5th, 2017, which fully Ukrainianizes the educational sphere and removes the possibility for children belonging to ethnic minorities to study in their primary language – something that is guaranteed by the constitution until recently, only applies to those who are not rich western-backed oligarchs with expansive powers obtained as a result of a coup. As is known, Arsen Avakov actually refused to speak in Ukrainian during his interrogation in the course of the “case of Yanukovych”, and Petro Poroshenko himself often uses Russian words and expressions during his speeches and during informal communication, simply because he doesn’t know Ukrainian. Not to mention that the vast majority of banderists from Nazi gangs like C14, National Druzhina, Azov, Right Sector, even troops in the UAF speak exclusively in the Russian language. But this doesn’t stop Banderists like Irina Farion from wanting to break the jaws of all Russian speakers, who apparently are retarded, and her fellowenlightened comrade Larisa Nitsoy from wanting to rename Russia. And in fact, things have reached such a level that IDP’s from Donbass are viciously attacked for speaking Russian.

The fact that Aleksey prefers to speak the language of the “aggressor country” that “occupied Crimea and Donbass” comes as no surprise really, since his father still operates a Roshen factory on the territory of Russia (Lipetsk) and pays money into the Russian budget, despite promising in the past to terminate this business interest. The cherry on the cake here is that the angry protestors who pursued Aleksey and cornered him actually believe that Ukraine is at war with Russia, and seemingly are not aware that trade and migration between the two States is at an all time high. Not to mention that many deputies in the Verkhovna Rada own property in Crimea and visit the peninsula regularly, despite the well-known “Russian aggression”. But when some deputies want to speak Russain in the Verkhovna Rada, they are immediately slapped down for breaking kayfabe. In the video below the first Vice-speaker of the Verkhovna Rada Irina Gerashchenko turned off the microphone of the Deputy Sergey Matvienkov (from the Opposition Bloc) after he tried to ask a question in Russian during a meeting of Parliament.

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There is a joke that summarises this whole fiasco: when they (the angry mobs who finally understood that they were duped on Maidan) come for  Petro Poroshenko, he will suddenly start speaking exclusively in Russian.

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