The St Petersburg Forum Speech the West Didn’t Expect

NEW – June 18, 2022

Putin: The phrase about businessmen who ‘will be agonised by swallowing dust’ [The words of Vladimir Putin delivered on June 19, 2002 at the IV Congress of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry. These words were said about the threat of freezing capital abroad of Russian-origin due to sanctions from Western countries: “I will not say that your capital will be frozen tomorrow. Choke from swallowing dust, running around the courts to unblock them!” – SZ] when their property is taken away from them abroad has come true.

The West was waiting for Putin’s speech to make statements on its own, statements about the fate of 404 [Ukraine – SZ], waiting for anything but such a speech by our President.

About about the special military operation in Ukraine: in passing – as about matters not secondary, but even in third place, which are being solved successfully and will UNCONDITIONALLY be solved in full accordance with the plans.

About 404: also in passing – after all, everything has been said about it, too, and everything is clear with it, he just strolled through it, as by example, and that’s it.

No pathos, hysteria, hand-wringing… really, on February 22 and 24, everything was said, and we don’t fuss and don’t flutter, but calmly implement our plans.

In short, he let down those waiting for some sensation (after all, they measure everything against themselves), in their expectations, and focused the whole speech on something else.

On what?

Here it’s interesting – it’s interesting HOW HE SAID IT.

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Putin spoke about what is happening before our eyes, as if about the past already, as about what has already taken place, as if he was talking, looking from the future, he spoke as if he had decided things without any options.

His speech is an epitaph to the old world, the Western order, an epitaph to all Western paradigms in economics, politics and in general in all spheres of life, and an epitaph of Western civilisation built on these paradigms.

In short, without threats and warnings to the West, he spoke of it as about the deceased, stinking, not yet laid to rest, and having caused a lot of problems that still need to be solved, which he highlighted almost all the time of his speech.

This is not a speech to the public and brainwashed fools from the “electorate”, as it should be done according to the canons of Western propaganda, but a speech for genuine national elites of the world who make decisions.

This is a demonstration of confidence and strength (which we are only slightly revealing to the world so far), when global tasks of the highest level are already being solved, compared to which even the special military operation (bloody war) is a mere triviality…


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