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NEW – June 18, 2022

The St. Petersburg Forum momentarily overshadowed the agenda of the military operation in Ukraine, and clearly showed the incident of parallel two universes that paradoxically get along now in Russia.

Dialectics of the double-headed eagle. Two worlds, two mentalities, and a cosmic abyss between them. This is most acutely felt here – on the sidelines of the anniversary St. Petersburg forum (SPIEF), a ticket for which costs 960,000 rubles.

While the Russian army is shedding blood in Donbass, Moet rivers are pouring into the glasses of escorts at Forbes private parties. The SPIEF in the form in which it is currently taking place is some kind of ridiculous burp of the past, a flashback and requiem for the era of glamour, crown and cyberpunk that has irrevocably sunk into oblivion. At a time when the real elite and the future of the country are being formed there on the front line of Donbass, the elite of the past is knocking from the bottom, clinging to the elusive carefree time with oysters and vaccines in phantom pain. The elite counter-revolution as it is.

The organisers of the SPIEF from Roscongress could have made the forum a semantic platform for a breakthrough into the future, but they preferred to indulge in nostalgia for the meaningless inclusive past that leads Russia to a dead end. Pseudo-ecological carbon agenda, digitalisation, vaccination and other legacy of the old robber Klaus Schwab. Putin, of course, will make statements, and will extend the agenda of the forum, filling it with a different content and meaning, but there is some ringing emptiness and dark gloom around him. At the forum, in the complete absence of real content and meanings, empty hype rules the ball. Vanity fair as it is – governors and corporations are measured against the stands. Silicone robot Dunyasha from German Gref with t*ts of the fourth size, PCR testing, Bashkiria restaurant with a dinner set for guests for a third of the salary of a deep Russian (4,500 rubles), the banned in Russia Taliban and the gay lobby representative Philip Kirkorov, who is not yet banned in Russia, evading the answer about his support, and speaking at the SPIEF in a role…the investor.

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Nikita Mikhalkov has recently released an excellent Besogon program called “Davos is still there”, but “Davos” is not only there, but also here – in St. Petersburg. Schwab’s legacy lives and prospers in our inclusive liberal globalists and speakers, and literally spills over the edge at the forum. Despite their public patriotic declarations about the need for change and striving for the future of the new Russian world, elite at the SPIEF clearly demonstrates that they do not want to change and cannot do it, and asks to return to them the inclusive time of the 90s. The St. Petersburg Forum is literally a screaming manifesto about the urgent need for a big change of elites and a personnel revolution with purges of the ranks, corresponding to the spirit of the times and the existential challenges that our state faces. It’s time to leave that old elite in the past, giving them a place in the museum in the Yeltsin Center. They’re tired, let them leave.

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