The State of Ukraine Will Spend $1.5 Million on Whitewashing Symon Petliura’s Image

Translated by Ollie Richardson


The State Cinema of Ukraine presented a trailer of the feature film directed by Oles Yanchuk called “The secret diary of Symon Petliura. This was reported by the
 State Cinema press service.

“The movie ‘The Secret Diary of Symon Petliura’ was filmed by Aleksandr Dovzhenko’s national feature film studio with the assistance of the State Cinema of Ukraine. Filming took place in Ukraine and France,” it is said in the statement.

The movie project became one of the winners of the eighth competitive selection of State cinema and received State financing for the sum of 23,600,000 hryvnia, which is about half the total cost of production.

Judging by the movie trailer, it will be a propaganda movie that is typical for modern Ukrainian cinema, the purpose of which is to rehabilitate the negative image of odious characters of the past, having wrapped the propaganda task in an attractive wrapper of modern mass culture of the Hollywood sample.

The very fact that this movie was created leads to two main conclusions: a) there is a need for such a movie to be made, or in other words – if Petliura is so good, then why doesn’t the whole of Ukraine wax lyrical about him without being prompted to do so by the banderist junta in Kiev?; b) the State budget is being spent on exterminating people not only physically (healthcare reform, for example), but also mentally. There is no money for education and to stimulate the economy (provide jobs), but for making propaganda at the order of Washington – yes! 

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Also, whilst the image of Hitler continues to be exploited by Hollywood in order to distract the public’s attention from governmental crimes committed closer to home, money is also being spent on whitewashing those who led him to power. For example, in 2017 the Australian director Jonathan Teplitzky released his latest “masterpiece” entitled “Churchill”. This movie, as the title suggests, attempts to consolidate what remains of British “patriotism” in order to prevent the total fragmentation of society due to migration and hyper-liberalism in general. For the layperson who watches “Game of Thrones” and throws tantrums because they don’t have the latest iPhone, Mr Churchill is a “hero” simply because of identity politics. Much like in Ukraine, the truth about the real aims and objectives of the government are sugar-coated with some “good triumphing evil” simpleton narrative, which requires such motor and cognitive skills even an amoeba possesses for it to be believed.

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