The Stele of the Soviet Monument of Glory in Lvov Was Dismantled by Banderists

The suicidal project known as “decommunisation” launched by the Banderist junta led by Petro Poroshenko after Maidan continues its quest to demolish all monuments devoted to the Red Army’s defeat of Nazi Germany on Ukrainian land unabated.

Thus, after spending three days (and thus three separate attempts) trying to dismantle the 30-meter stele of the Monument of Glory (full name: the Monument of Military Glory of the Soviet Armed Forces) made of granite and bronze and located on Striyskaya Street in Lvov, contractors finally managed to demolish it on March 3rd. In the near future the contractor will break up the concrete structure of the stele that fell to the ground. The monument consists of a sculptural group, a stela and a monument with six bas-reliefs. It was succeeded to dismantle five bas-reliefs earlier, and now the stele has been dismantled.

Employees of the “Promaltbud” company tried spent more than 6 hours trying to bring the highest part of the design to the ground. For this purpose a jackhammer was used to dislodge the concrete, and a grinder was used to cut the reinforcements and other metal parts. But these tools turned out to be not enough to demolish the stele.

“The overthrown Soviet monument in Lvov”

“There is a metal base inside, it is difficult to reach it. This is exactly what the guys are occupied with. It does not allow the construction to fall. We still can’t see it, only the edges are visible, we can’t see how these I-beams are welded together. We can’t completely see them because they are inside the construction,” said the industrial climber of the company Andrey Marunich (quoted by the Lvov agency Zaxid.nеt).

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The stele was supposed to be brought down with the help of a winch, but it became clear that it wasn’t powerful enough, and the operating length of the tank cable wasn’t enough either. Therefore the workers chiseled away at the structure from each side. After 6 hours of work, the stele nevertheless did not fall down. The contractors could not use heavy equipment since they say that there is the risk that the structure will fall on them.

Representatives of the Nazi OUN movement watched the work and stupidly urged to use heavy machinery to dismantle it or – an even more ridiculous idea – to blow the monument up in order to “get rid of the Soviet communist legacy” more quickly. In February 2018 this same Nazi formation tried to dismantle the monument themselves, but their strength was only enough to knock off the inscription “To the Victors over Nazism” from the monument and to “bravely” write “A monument to the occupiers” in its place. In September 2018 the Lvov City Council allocated 300,000 hryvnia for the destruction of the monument.
February 2018 – OUN show how “strong” they are by attacking a monument

“We were driving by, we saw that it was being dismantled, and decided to observe this historical moment, we’ve waited for it for already a long time,” said the representative of the movement Anton Petrovsky.

The first time that the Banderist regime tried to dismantle the moment happened in the night from the 27th to the 28th of February, but it was also a failure. An added complexity is that the workers have no documentation about the materials of the 30-meter-high design.

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