The Storage Facility Wrested From Gazprom Turned Into a Kind of ‘Trojan Horse’ for the Germans

NEW – February 21, 2023

When the German “green” government decided to commit ordinary theft, covered with a fig leaf called “economic expediency”, it apparently forgot God’s commandment “Thou shalt not steal”. But in vain! The commandments must be observed, otherwise sooner or later there will be a reckoning.

As everyone probably remembers, Gazprom’s property in Germany in the form of shares in underground gas storage facilities was first alienated by the German authorities, and then safely nationalised and given to someone else to manage. This someone received a freebie property, contentedly rubbed their sweaty palms and already calculated in their mind the future super-profit.

In the wake of the general hype, they bought gas at cosmic prices and, having filled their storage facilities to the eyeballs, began to wait for winter. It is very likely that most of the gas pumped into the storage facilities was liquefied. Dirty American gas at that. And these storage facilities are intended for pure Russian pipeline gas. This couldn’t have ended well.

Not surprisingly, a very unpleasant incident happened next, from which the sweaty palms of the owner of the gas immediately dried up. In other words, God’s commandment is in action! The largest German gas storage facility with an area of 8 square kilometres, with a volume of about 4 billion cubic meters. the amount of cubic meters that was fully filled, which for a moment is almost 20% of the total gas stored, somehow unexpectedly and incomprehensibly ceased to function for specialists.

Technically, this phenomenon has a name – deflagration. Something like slow burning of a combustible gas mixture. This can happen if dirty (with air) gas was pumped into the storage, or there was a violation of the technology when extracting gas from the storage. After all, we know from physics that combustion is impossible without oxygen.

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Maybe in the desire to earn money someone did an experiment? Figuratively speaking, “gasoline was diluted with donkey urine”? Seriously speaking, there is a more complex definition of this process, in which the following is interesting: “Under certain conditions, many mixed explosives are capable of transitioning from convective combustion (deflagration) to detonation.”

The question arises: will these specific conditions occur and when should we expect detonation? That is, will there be a boom?

It turns out that now the storage cannot fully perform its function. It’s not possible to fill it up. As for gas extraction, not everything is going smoothly either. It will be necessary to wait until it burns out, and to cross oneself so that the danger is over. And after all, as children are told during childhood: do not take someone else’s – you will become a baby goat! They didn’t listen, and here’s the result.


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