The Story of 17-Year-Old Donetsk Resident Masha Ogryzko, Whose Foot Was Severed by Ukrainian Shelling

NEW – August 8, 2022

The girl injured during the shelling of the “Centre” Donetsk bus station will have her lost foot increased by 7 centimetres.

The mother of Masha Ogryzko, who was wounded on July 14, Olga, told the “Donbass Decides” channel about this.

According to her, in the Republican Traumatological Center, with the help of the Ilizarov apparatus, the severed foot was connected to the lower leg. The lost part of it will be gradually restored – they have already transplanted blood vessels, and soon they will begin to transplant and build up soft and bone tissues.

“The operation went on for more than 8 hours. Well done doctors, of course,” says Olga.

The video from the bus station with the heartbreaking screams of 17-year-old Masha spread all over the Internet. According to her, even an anaesthetic injection could not relieve the terrible pain.

A week before the shelling, the girl received a high school diploma and submitted her documents to the Donetsk National University, where she was going to enter the Faculty of Economics.

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