The Terroristic “Mirotvorets” Website Started to Pursue the Owners of Hungarian Passports in Transcarpathia

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard



After the scandal with the issuance of Hungarian passports [by the Hungarian embassy – ed] to Transcarpathia, Ukrainians who obtained Hungarian citizenship are now being entered into the database of the scandalous Mirotvorets website. This was reported on Facebook by “Myrotvorets News”.

“The first five violators of the Constitution and Law of Ukraine on nationality has been recorded in Purgatory. All data about the specified citizens of Ukraine having illegal Hungarian citizenship is confirmed,” it is said in the message.

The website also published the names of these people, along with their photograph.

As a reminder, the consulate of Hungary in Beregovo issued Hungarian passports to citizens of Ukraine living in the Transcarpathian region. When obtaining a new document Ukrainians have to swear fidelity to Hungary aloud.

Later, the Foreign Minister Pavel Klimkin promised that he will discuss with representatives of Hungary the controversial situation with the issuance of passports of this country to Ukrainians in Transcarpathia.

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