The Testimonies of Yellow Vests Mutilated by the Macron Regime During Act 18

The following text concerning merely a handful of the crimes of the Macron regime comes from the “” website and was written by Flora Carpentier.

The day after Act 18, when the determination of the Yellow Vests could not be swept under the carpet, to the great displeasure of Macron et al, the media broadcasts on a loop the damaged Champs-Elysees, avoiding to talk about severe wounds as a result of police repression. We relay the testimonials published on social networks and invite to support them.

Travelling from Troyes, David was hit in the eye by a “flash ball” shot at around 4pm on the Champs Élysées near Fouquet’s. On Sunday he announced horrible news on Facebook: “Hi everyone, here is yesterday protest in Paris, the verdict is 1 lost eye, I am disgusted, maybe I will lose my job because of the sons of bitches from CRS, I have rage”.

Here is the testimony of David, collected by a local newspaper: “I was walking quietly, with 50 other Yellow Vests, near Fouquet’s restaurant. We were not with the ‘breakers’. At around 16:00, while the security forces were visible, but at a distance, I was hit in the eye and was immediately taken care of by the Street Medics. For the people around me there was no doubts – I had been hit by a ‘flash ball’ shot, my protective goggles exploded under the violence of the impact, and the security forces were overwhelmed on the spot. After first aid I was transported to the hospital where I was stitched up. The doctors think that it is unlikely that I will get my eye back. A conclusion will be made in a few days”.

Father of 2 girls, David fears for his job and calls to support him through his online support kitty, but also by transmitting photos and videos if you witnessed evemts: [email protected]

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“It’s all our movement that’s wounded, mutilated, bleeding”

“Thank you, police officers” – these are the words of Marie-Laure on her Facebook page on Sunday (March 17th) morning after she wakes up in the hospital the day after her participation in Act 18 in Paris. The “selfie” picture that accompanies her words is one you would never want to see again. It was shared thousands of times.

At the end of the day, the determination of this Yellow Vest hit by police repression seems intact: “16:30, I left the block. I did not lose my eye! Phew!”. Then late at night, Marie-Laure addressed the thousands who, on social networks and in real life, are worried for her: “Good evening everyone. I’m back home. I thank you all for your kindness, you are wonderful. WE do not deserve this because it is our whole movement that is wounded, mutilated, bloodied every time a little more, act after act. We won’t give up anything, all together the people hold their strength. I love you YELLOW VESTS. I will take a step back to digest all of ‘that’. I’ll be back in touch soon. (It may be a few hours or several days … I have affairs to follow up). Kisses to all. LONG LIVE THE YELLOW VESTS”.

“A huge THANK YOU to the Medic who took care of me”

The same determination is in Laurence, she was also seriously injured this Saturday at around 16:00 at the HSBC bank on the Champs-Elysees. Here is the message posted this Sunday on her Facebook page: “A huge THANK YOU to the Medic who took care of me. I am known by the name of Minnie or pilou-pilou. The result of act 18: flash ball shot to the head = 2 fractures of the sinuses and a fracture of the orbital bone. Thank you. See you next Saturday”.

Laurence also issued an appeal for a testimony to anyone with photos or videos about her.

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The France blessée page, launched by Antonio, who was seriously wounded during Act 2, also reported a serious injury caused by a GLIF4 grenade this Saturday in Paris, whose photo is difficult to look at: “thumb fracture, skin graft at thumb level, 2nd and 3rd degree hand burns, 2 facial wounds, many leg wounds”, can be read in description.

Another photo of a serious wound is also hidden by Facebook. This is that of a protester having had a part of his foot ripped off by a GLI-F4 grenade. As was reported on the page Interdiction des Grenades et du Flashball, managed by Robin, himself seriously injured foot GLI-F4 in Bure, “This is the same grenade that has already severed the hands of 5 people and made many wounded. They recite their speeches on the ultra-violence of the demonstrators or the breakers … Nobody speaks about the only ultra-violence that deserves this name: that which consists of throwing grenades containing TNT at civilians … How many mutilations are needed for them to decide to ban these grenades?”.

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