The Trial of Aleksandr Gaponenko in Latvia Approaches Its Conclusion

The other day a summons came to the Vidzemsky Court for a regular hearing on June 3rd, and then on June 4th 2020. This is the trial in which I am accused of making anti-fascist statements against the party of the ruling coalition National Alliance (“NA”). The process was initiated by the leaders of the “NA” (G. Bērziņš, E. Cilinskis, etc.), whom I accused of glorifying Latvian legionaries of the Waffen SS troops and trying to implement a “brown” project in Latvia.

The trial has been going on for five years and is scheduled to end on June 3rd-4th with a sentence of nearly two years in prison, as demanded by the Prosecutor-General’s Office, which is under the political control of “NA” supporters. As practice shows, it is very difficult to prove the truth under the political pressure on the judicial authorities, and I am completing all my domestic affairs, preparing for another prison sentence.

In order to ideologically support the court’s decision to imprisonment a well-known anti-fascist in society, the security services ordered the publication of an article on the “TVNET” website under their control. In this article, the author argues that there are no manifestations of fascism in Latvia. They say that the ruling elites occasionally speak Russian, and that Waffen SS legionnaire marches take place in the center of Riga, but fewer and fewer people are taking part in them, and this year it did not take place at all because of the coronavirus, and March 16th is not a holiday in the country.

And Gaponenko – the awful Kremlin agent – did not write about these achievements.

I.e., the security services reported that they are combatting manifestations of the “brown” project, and I did not note their efforts and did not praise them!

And who did the orderers of the article report to? Yes, to the Americans, who have recently demanded that the “brown” project be stopped. This is evidenced by the appearance of a number of materials in the media that report that “NA” is closely associated with banned Nazi groups in Great Britain and Ukraine. The Americans also forced the “NA” to nominate Egils Levits to the post of President of the country, who by a number of criteria does not correspond at all to the ideological principles of the party. God bless his health and long years of rule in Latvia! This symbolic move in general undermined the position of the “NA” in front of the nationalist-radical electorate.

And what does the article on “TVNET” say in this regard?

It says nothing. It refers to the fact that the “News Front” channel on YouTube, which I was recently interviewed by concerning the public situation in Latvia, was closed without coordination with the Latvian security services. Once again, the Americans acted on the basis of their own self-interest, forgetting about the servile elites!

Aleksandr Gaponenko

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