The Typical “Fighter Against the Putin Regime”

In the video is Evgeny Kovalenko, who was arrested for two months for the fact that he threw a trash can at a police officer during the mass riots on July 27th. He admitted his guilt. He is 48-years-old, lives in a one-room apartment with his mother, and doesn’t have a wife or children. He works in departmental protection of the Russian Railway.

A person who Putin stole everything from!

Understand the most important thing, my dear revolutionaries. Even if tomorrow Grudinin, Navalny, or even Donald Trump will come to power and replace Putin, Kovalenko will not have a country house with a garden, cars, a wife, and children. Nobody will take him by the hand and will give him a high position in the Presidential Administration. And the Russian Railway under any new government will not start to pay security guards $5.000. For Aleksey Navalny, Lyubov Sobol, Dmitry Gudkov [figures of the US-backed fifth column – ed] he is only needed as fodder during mass riots.

Instead of attempting even now, at 48, to get an education, to change profession, to take out a mortgage, to start a family – Kovalenko overthrows the regime. He will be especially successful if he is given two years and he will meet his jubilee behind bars. He lost his last chance to correct his life for the better. Who needs him now, having been jailed under a criminal article – what employer? Even just administrative detention and a penalty will close very many doors, but here he has a criminal case.

It’s not the government or Putin that prevent him from studying well and then growing into a profession. It’s not the government that forces him to drink, to lose years, to play for months on a computer, to get high and waste life. Kovalenko can be sent to China, the US, Europe, and even Africa, and it would only be worse – he will be able to survive all the same only in Russia. Especially now.

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Draw conclusions, fighters against the regime. And instead of another gathering – look through a textbook, this is an option. There will be many more advantages.

Sergey Kolyasnikov

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