The UAF and Right Sector Staged a Shootout Under the Nose of Red Cross Observers

Translated by Ollie Richardson


Today [June 13th – ed] at 10:40 units of the DPR Armed Forces recorded a firefight near Zhovanka [from where the UAF usually shell DPR-controlled Zaitsevo – ed] between fighters of the UAF and “Right Sector”. This was reported by the operative command of the DPR Armed Forces.

“The terrorists used small arms against each other. Information about injured civilians and Ukrainian terrorists is being clarified.

It is important to note that at this time there were two cars of the International Committee of the Red Cross in this area. Most likely, the Ukrainian militants staged the provocation especially to frighten observers of the International Committee of the Red Cross and to discredit the DPR Armed Forces. Also, we don’t exclude that it could’ve been an internal showdown between the Ukrainian occupiers that the international observers witnessed,” it is said in the statement.

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