The UAF Commanders Responsible for Shelling the Hospital in Makeevka Were Named and Shamed

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


On March 22nd in Donetsk during the briefing of the public organisation “Fair Defence” the details of the shelling of the Makeevka city hospital No. 5 were given. 
As a reminder, on January 30th, 2017, at 9:15 a.m the UAF opened fire at Makeevka using large-caliber artillery, as a result of which city hospital No. 5 was hit.

During the shelling one person died, three more were wounded. Shortly after this one of the victims died.

On the same day specialists of the public organization “Fair Defence” visited the scene. At the same time representatives of the DPR conducted their own investigation, during which they established that the activation of troops near Avdeevka in the winter of 2017 was connected to the political decisions of the leadership of Ukraine, and was carried out within the framework of the military operation “Anakonda”.

According to “Fair Defence”, the shelling of Makeevka was carried out using 122mm or 152mm large-caliber weapons from a northwest direction, namely – from Avdeevka.

The OSCE SMM in its report also confirmed the activity of the Ukrainian artillery that morning.

At that time the 72nd separate mechanised brigade of the Armed Forces of Ukraine under the command of Colonel Andrey Sokolov, who led an artillery group using “Gvozdika” howitzers, was located there.

It is precisely during these days that the well-known photos of the metropolitan area of Avdeevka showing tanks of the 72nd separate mechanised brigade near OSCE representatives were published.

The artillery group supporting the offensive of the 72nd separate mechanised brigade were also based near Avdeevka. This group was created with the participation of sub-units of the 55th separate artillery brigade under the command of Colonel Sergey Brusov – the commander of this same 55th brigade – and was under the supervision of Colonel Andrey Sokolov.

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The brigade had a “Giatsint B” cannon and a “Msta B” howitzer among its arms.

It should be noted that earlier the investigative committee of the Russian Federation initiated criminal cases against specified brigade commanders. Sergey Brusov was accused of giving the order to shell the residential quarters of Gorlovka on July 7th, 2016; Andrey Sokolov is accused of the aimed shelling of Yasinovataya and Staromikhailovka on March 15th-16th, 2016. The investigative committee of the Russian Federation initiated a criminal case concerning the artillery shelling of Donetsk and Makeevka by the Armed Forces of Ukraine on 30/01/2017.

A circle of people from among the officers of the 72nd separate mechanised brigade and the 55th artillery brigade of the Armed Forces of Ukraine who may be involved in the aforementioned shelling were later decorated with awards and medals by Petro Poroshenko personally.

The military-political leadership of Ukraine is obliged to bear responsibility both for this crime and for all previous war crimes committed by the paramilitary formations of Ukraine within the framework of the “ATO”.

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