The UAF Continues to Pillage Houses in the “Grey Zone” and Shell Residential Areas

Translated by Ollie Richardson


The Ukrainian terrorists continue to drive out the remaining civilians living in houses in the Chigarskaya creek on the suburb of Yuzhnoye. For this purpose UAF militants not only loot the inhabitants and set fire to their property, but they also demolish their houses. This often happens deliberately, and sometimes by mistake, because Ukrainian shells fall short of the positions of the DPR Armed Forces. Today [June 16th – ed] was no exception, our military personnel heard in this area, on the territory occupied by the UAF, about 14 hours of shells being provocatively fired at the positions of the DPR Armed Forces, including with the use of weapons forbidden by the Minsk Agreements. Our units didn’t respond.

Most likely, the militants carried out today’s actions to try to intimidate civilians, and perhaps they did try to fire at our positions, but all the munitions landed on this territory. As a result, according to the National Police of the Donetsk region, at the same time a peaceful inhabitant in Chigarskaya received shrapnel wounds.

So far the Ukrainian side hasn’t identified the victim, therefore we don’t exclude that the publication of this information is a deliberate attempt to distract public attention from the real crimes of UAF militants in Zaitsevo that resulted in a peaceful inhabitant of the DPR – born in 1939 – receiving shrapnel wounds. Otherwise, the woman could’ve suffered as a result of shelling from UAF positions in the same way that a 15-year-old did in Zheleznoye.

The Command of the UAF Prevents Ukrainian Media Agencies From Learning About the Loss of Many Frontline Positions

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