The UAF in Donbass Voted Against Poroshenko in the Presidential Election

The journalist Yury Butusov published on Facebook the presidential election voting results among UAF militants in the so-called “zone of the Operation of United Forces”.

“Results of voting at special polling precincts for military personnel of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the zone of the OUF at the 49th District of the Donetsk region, special stages 000001 (Konstantinovka), 000002 (Vozdvizhenka), 000004 (Tarasovka) as of 23:50 on March 31st:

Vladimir Zelensky – 517
Petro Poroshenko – 470
Oleg Lyashko – 52
Ruslan Koshulinsky – 46
Yuliya Tymoshenko – 38
Anatoly Gritsenko – 29
Igor Smeshko – 28
Aleksandr Vilkul – 13
Yury Boyko – 12
Yury Tymoshenko – 4

The number of voters at three sites – 1363, the number who voted at three sites – 1276.

Figures show that in the UAF there is a very different vision about the one who can be the Commander-in-chief during war. And it shows the quality of information work and the moral-psychological state of military units,” wrote Butusov.

He also complained about troops even voting for Boyko and Vilkul.

“They are not ‘agents of the Kremlin’ – the presents agents, of course, would not be noticed, these are just people in uniforms who came to get paid, and there were no conversations with them during service about Ukraine, Russia, and the war, and they voted without feeling any guilt and without being afraid that their choice will be important for someone. Absolute indifference. The figure for Yury Tymoshenko is indicative too – obviously avatars voted,” considers the journalist, who is considered to be close to the secretary of the National Security and Defence Council Aleksandr Turchynov.

At the same time, the Kramatorsk activist Andrey Romanenko provided data about the vote of military personnel at city stations.

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“In Kramatorsk there were 2 sites where exclusively military personnel voted: the airport (headquarters of the OUF) and paratroopers. Both of these sites already surrendered. And results are very amusing.

1759 voted
769 (43.7%) – Poroshenko
512 (29%) – Zelensky

635 voted
250 (39.37%) – Poroshenko
260 (40.94%) – Zelensky

It turns out that the army theme of Petro Poroshenko reached only the senior officers. The rest of the army is the slice of Ukrainian society that Petro exhausted with his theft and lies,” wrote Romanenko.

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