The UAF Launched Dozens of Grenades at a Residential Settlement in the DPR

At around 12:50 on March 4th, contrary to all peace agreements, the Nazi paramilitary groups of Ukraine opened fire at the settlement of Zaitsevo in the DPR. They fired 29 grenades from automatic launchers at the peaceful settlement. In addition, it was attacked by large-caliber machine guns and small arms. The head of the administration of Gorlovka Ivan Prikhodko reported on the same day that two houses and farm buildings were damaged as a result of night time UAF shelling.

As a result of night time UAF shelling on the settlement of Zaitsevo, the house and farm buildings at the address 15 Brusilova Street, as well as the house at 10 Baksheeva Street, were damaged

According to him, fortunately there were no victims on this occasion.

The officer of the DPR’s people’s militia with the call sign “Zhelezny” described the horror that Kiev subjected the settlement to:

Literally, since last week, strong activisation has been ongoing at the contact line. The UAF rotated their line of defence with terrorist battalions, most likely they prepare for the presidential election. The agitation brigades go directly to the front line and carry out fierce shelling of settlements. Look, here is yesterday’s shelling. Everything is destroyed, the roof has a hole. They now have such tactics as putting holes in house roofs. I.e., they hit the tiles so that people leave from here

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