The UAF Suffered Yet More Losses in Donbass Due to the Defective Ukrainian “Molot” Mortar

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


Another tragic incident in Donbass involving the Ukrainian Molot mortar claimed the lives of two more UAF servicemen. This was reported by the deputy head of the People’s militia of the DPR Eduard Basurin.

The “Molot” mortar exploded in the zone of the armed conflict during the first days of the New Year’s truce. The incident happened near the settlement of Pesky and caused fresh losses among the UAF. Two servicemen from the 57th brigade of the UAF died, and two more were wounded.

“Thus, thanks to the ‘efforts’ of the Ukrainian military industrial complex and the low level of proficiency of Ukrainian militants, it was succeeded once again to avoid victims among civilians and the destruction of objects of civil infrastructure”

said Basurin

At the beginning of December the command of the UAF reported that nine explosions of “Molot” mortars have been recorded during their service life. According to Kiev, these incidents have led to 13 Ukrainian servicemen losing their lives and dozens wounded. At the same time, the DPR has reported about more than one and a half dozen of such incidents.

The Minister of Defence of Ukraine Stepan Poltorak, being perplexed as to why mortars are exploding in training centers and in training grounds, tasked the producer to install protection on “Molot” against double loading. Ukroboronprom considers that there is no alternative to “Molot”, therefore deliveries to the UAF will continue, despite the death of military personnel.

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In an earlier conversation with the correspondent of the Federal News Agency, the military expert Vasily Dandykin said that this Ukrainian weapon is dangerous first of all for the military personnel of the UAF. He linked it to the collapse of the Ukrainian military-industrial complex, although he noted that Kiev has one of the largest defense budgets among the CIS countries.

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