The UAF Used a BMP-2 to Terrorise the Residents of Gorlovka

Translated by Ollie Richardson


On the morning of May 12th Gorlovka was subjected to UAF shelling (the settlement of Gagarina). The shelling was carried out from the direction of the settlement Yuzhnaya using a BMP-2.

As a result of the shelling a teenager born in 2002 was wounded – Ekaterina Shibko. The diagnosis – a bruised thorax and backbone, and a barotrauma. The necessary medical care was provided to the victim in Gorlovka city hospital No. 2, however she refused to be hospitalised.

Also, as a result of the shelling damage more than 10 houses were damaged. The task force of the DPR Representation of the Joint Centre for Control and Coordination (JCCC) and in the negotiation process visited the scene to document the consequences of the shelling.

138 Stozhka Street – an ammunition round landed in quarter 8 and on the rooftop;

Fragments from ammunition that hit the house at 138 Stozhka Street;

1/2 Polosukhina Street – a fence was damaged;

3/2 Polosukhina Street – a gas pipeline was damaged;

4/1 Polosukhina Street – window glazing was damaged;

4/2 Polosukhina Street – window glazing was damaged;

14 Yaroshenko Street – a garage roof was damaged;

35 Yaroshenko Street – the glazing of the summer kitchen was damaged;

43 Yaroshenko Street, quarter no.3 – the glazing was damaged;

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43 Yaroshenko Street, quarter no.6 – the glazing was damaged;

43 Yaroshenko Street

1 Cherkasov Street, quarter no.14 – the glazing was damaged;

1 Cherkasov Street, quarter no.21 – the glazing was damaged;

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