The UAF Used a Drone to Attack the Village of Mineralnoye in the DPR

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


The Ukrainian Armed Forces opened fire from a shock unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) at the settlement of Mineralnoye in the neighbourhood of the capital of the DPR. This was reported on November 7th by the press service of the leadership of the People’s militia of the Republic.

“Today Ukrainian militants struck a blow to the settlement of Mineralnoye by using a shock unmanned aerial vehicle. According to preliminary data, one civilian was wounded and information about destruction is being specified,” noted the press service.

They added that the Ukrainian UAV was destroyed by the observation posts of the DPR People’s militia. In addition, at the disposal of the military of the Republic there is a video from a flash storage device that shows the purposeful use of the UAV against the civilians of Donbass.

Earlier today it was reported that the Ukrainian Armed Forces opened fire at the settlement of the Trudovskaya mine in the west of Donetsk, causing a house to catch fire. 

“Today at 18:55 the paramilitary groups of Ukraine opened fire at the settlement of the Trudovskaya mine in the west of Donetsk. The attack caused a house at the address 50 Mark Ozerny Street to catch fire,” it is said in the statement.

As was noted by the Joint Center for Control and Coordination, because of the continuing shelling the fire-fighting brigades of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of the DPR were not able to drive to the scene to extinguish the fire.

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