The UAF’s Indiscriminate Shelling Destroyed Ten Houses in Gorlovka in 24 Hours

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


Recently the situation on the frontline in Donbass gradually worsens, and Gorlovka is becoming one of the most dangerous places. 
This was stated by the war correspondent Aleksandr Sladkov while reporting from the place of events.

“Why is there shelling? Perhaps now everything depends on who is stood opposite us. For more than a month there has been territorial battalions and Right Sector,” said the mayor of Gorlovka Ivan Prikhodko, explaining the reason for the shelling.

The war correspondent managed to visit the place of May 13th’s shelling of the town.

“There, 10 houses were destroyed during the day in the settlement of the mine of Gagarina near Gorlovka alone. Here it [a shell – ed] landed on a family. The head of the family, Valery Angelin, injured his hand while saving relatives. Then he evacuated his children himself because the ambulance couldn’t approach,” said Sladkov.

A former Donbass serviceman and now non-combatant showed the consequences of the UAF’s shelling, having said that 82mm shells arrived.

There was booming at dawn, at five in the morning. He intuitively covered his daughter who slept nearby with his body. The glass was smashed and shrapnel flew through the window through which the May morning sun shone into the room. It flew over the frightened people, and stopped, fortunately, in a wall. According to him, the UAF carried out shelling from Mayorsk.

Life did not stop because of this. The child was calmed and she went to school.

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To the question why don’t they leave, he answered: “And where can we go? I’ve lived here with my wife live for twenty years. I should sell it for kopeks and start everything anew?”

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