The Ukrainian Armed Forces Bombarded Six Settlements in Donbass

February 2nd in the DPR was hard! The UAF subjected six settlements to bombardments. The weapons used were mainly 82-mm and 120-mm mortars, and they also fired from BMP-2s, and even a tank was working on the outskirts of Gorlovka.

More than six houses were damaged, a civilian was wounded – a male resident of Gorlovka born in 1955, a shell flew into his house. Thanks to the work of the mayor of the city of Prikhodko, who arrived at the scene during the shelling, he was promptly taken to the hospital. The victim’s condition is assessed as serious.

5 houses in the settlement of Signaloye were damaged! The first footage from the scene.
Harvested crop in Signaloye after shelling by the Ukrainian Armed Forces
The cry of the soul of people who suffer daily from the shelling of the Ukrainian Armed Forces

Andrey Rudenko

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