The Ukrainian Armed Forces Murdered a Peaceful Resident of Donetsk In Cold Blood

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


On the night of May 17th the Ukrainian military opened fire using heavy weapons at a frontline settlement near Gorlovka, and as a result a peaceful inhabitant – E.V. Voronenko [a humanitarian aid worker – ed] – was killed. A v
ideo showing the consequences of the shelling was posted by the “Inside Donetsk” channel. The locals described how the shells struck the houses and broke roofs and walls. As a reminder, at 19:30 on May 17th the Ukrainian Armed Forces opened fire in the direction of Magdalenovka-Golmovsky, having fired 10 shells of 122mm caliber.

“It is very frightening. How to bring our children to school and kindergarten? We are afraid, everything was closed. At any time it [a shell – ed] can arrive, even now,” said one of the female residents of the settlement.

Yesterday my neighbor and I were quietly sat and we talked, we even said: ‘It’s quiet, isn’t it, what beauty, everything smells good’. And as soon as we said this it [shells – ed] started to fly from that side,” remembers the neighbor.

According to eyewitnesses, the woman who died from the shelling was simply torn into pieces. She was 35 years old, she left behind one child, and her parents are already dead.

“At 19:30 unexpectedly everything started to explode. The blows came from Ukraine. From Magdalenovka, Semigorya, and Svetlodarsk – there the UAF is everywhere. They shell with heavy artillery,” said the resident of the frontline settlement.

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