The Ukrainian Armed Forces Once Again Shelled Gorlovka, a Pensioner Was Killed

Translated by Ollie Richardson


The artillery of the UAF once again shelled the frontline Gorlovka, which is under the control of the DPR. As a result of the shelling a peaceful inhabitant has died. This was reported on the official Telegram channel of the Representation of the DPR in the Joint Center for Control and Coordination.

“Today at 19:05 the Ukrainian Armed Forces opened fire at the Komsomolsky residential district in the city of Gorlovka. As a result of shelling at the address 21 Molokova Street the peace inhabitant Ryabokon T.F. – born in 1932  – received a missile wound to her head and therefore died in reanimation,” it is said in the statement.

In addition, in the morning the Kalininsky and Komsomolsky districts of Gorlovka and also the settlement of Golma, where treatment facilities were subjected to shelling, which threatens an environmental disaster.

Also, the war correspondent Mikhail Andronik published photos of the shrapnel found on the territory of the Kalininsky district after Ukrainian artillery shelling. It should be noted that this shrapnel is capable of scattering 300-500 meters from the place of explosion.

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