The Ukrainian Armed Forces Shelled A Cemetery in Zaitsevo During an Orthodox Memorial Day

Translated by Ollie Richardson


On April 15th at 12:05 the Ukrainian Armed Forces opened fire on the central cemetery in Zaitsevo, where more than 700 people gathered on a memorial Sunday [A special custom in Eastern Orthodox Christianity; since the Church does not advise to go to cemeteries during the post-Easter week, the Sunday is the best time to go to cemeteries and remember deceased relatives, as well as to share with them the joy of the Resurrection – ed]. This was reported to the Donetsk News Agency by the administration of Gorlovka.

“Today at 12:05 the Ukrainian Armed Forces shelled a cemetery in the center of the village of Zaitsevo on the northern outskirts of Gorlovka,” said the administration.

At the time of reporting people were leaving the cemetery in a hurry. According to preliminary data, there are no victims.

The press service of the Minister of Defence of the DPR reported the following:

“The shelling was conducted by the 24th brigade which is commanded by the war criminal Colonel Shevchenko!

We don’t exclude that it is in this way that the militants of this armed formation decided to avenge the (death of the) ensign (Vladimir) Mayboroda earlier abandoned by them on the battlefield, whose body was transferred today at 11:00 to the ‘Marinka’ checkpoint to relatives for burial.

As a reminder, this ensign-scout died after receiving a wound during an attempt to sabotage and kill our military personnel during the Holy holiday of Easter on April 8th!

These Antichrists will surely be awarded [by Kiev – ed] for  committing murders and crimes on Memorial Sunday!” it is said in the statement.

In a conversation with the correspondent of “Politnavigator” the deputy of the People’s Council of the DPR Sergey Zavdoveyev commented on the shelling conducted by the UAF.

“The UAF carried out an act of vandalism by shelling cemeteries on such a big holiday as Memorial Sunday. Earlier they shelled only schools, but now they also shell cemeteries. During every big holiday they try to shoot at large gatherings of people to try to cause maximum damage,” said the deputy. 

At the same time, the representation of the Donetsk People’s Republic in the JCCC reported that the UAF opened fire on Zaitsevo from Zhovanka. They fired 29 grenades from a AGS-17. Small arms were also used.

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