The Ukrainian Armed Forces Started To Act Like ISIS

Reporter Andrey Rudenko:

“Today there was a shelling of the settlement Donetsk Severny. You see – here the shell arrived, not a simple one, but from the MLRS Grad of Ukraine’s armed forces.

After the People’s Militia received the order to open fire with pinpoint strikes on the Ukrainian fire points, they started to use the ‘Partisan’ system

This is an ordinary tube, to be more precise, not really ordinary one, because it was prepared in a special way, and in which munition from MLRS Grad was put inside. And then they shell single salvos. The shell itself didn’t detonate, it exploded into pieces, and it’s this, in fact, that saved people from the serious consequences.

The Ukrainian Armed Forces started to behave like ISIS terrorists – they carry out a single shelling from their side, moreover, they do it from some settlement so that the Militia opens fire on that side, on living houses. Of course, Militia wouldn’t do it, there are there the same peaceful residents like here. And it’s like that the fight is going on – the ones use the terrorist method and they are squeaky clean for the whole world, the other constantly endorse it, defending themselves, and they are separatists for the whole world.”

Questions to Eduard Basurin:

Eduard Vladimirovich, did something change after the order was given to open fire at the Ukrainian fire points?

“Yes, it did. You can see this as a proof of changes in Ukraine’s love to its citizens. This is a BM 21 Grad shell, 122 mm reactive shell. It was used as a ‘Partisan’, 1 or 2 tubes. Shelling was conducted from 120 mm mortar, and at this moment this missile was launched. It arrived at the living house, fortunately, it didn’t detonate but just simply exploded into pieces. Otherwise half of this house wouldn’t exist anymore. This is a high-explosive shell with a big power of destruction.

What has changed? Now they started to use mobile groups with which they use these ‘Partisans’, 128 mm mortars. They don’t shell from positions, but come to the living quarters where people live, carry out the shelling from there and then leave, knowing that we will not shell in this direction because we don’t shell peaceful people. The changes in Ukraine’s tactics lie in this.”

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