The Ukrainian Armed Forces Subjected Donetsk to Intense Heavy Artillery Fire

On January 24th the northern part of Donetsk came under UAF heavy barrel artillery fire more than half an hour. This was reported on his blog by the head of administration of the front-line city of Gorlovka Ivan Prikhodko.

“For 40 minutes, the northern part of Donetsk has been under fire from heavy barrel artillery,” he wrote.

The information was also confirmed by military officer Semen Pegov.

“The sounds of explosions are heard in Donetsk even at Lenin Square. For half an hour. There were at least 15 arrivals. Possibly, heavy. Perhaps, howitzer artillery.

According to the information from the locations – the so-called first area came under fire. There are multi-storey houses and dense constructions. It’s full of civilians,” he explained on his Telegram channel.

Yury Kotenok, a well-known military correspondent, shared the details of what is happening via his blog.

“Donetsk Airport and the area of the Yasinovataya checkpoint in the DPR, as well as the western front line of the ‘Bakhmutka’ road in the LPR, are under heavy weapons fire.

The northern and Bakhmutka side are under heavy UAF artillery fire. It can be heard in Stakhanov, Bryanka, and Kirovsk – DPR.

For the past 2 hours Ukrops from the Konstantinovka road are moving towards Donetsk. And they shell Gorlovka from the side of Skotovataya. They strike using long-range artillery. A house was struck near Yasinovataya from a blast wave. It is loud at the airport. The Ukrainians at Pesky and at the Svetlodarsk Arc were utterly brutalised. Oktyabrsky felt a powerful arrival. South.

In the direction of the settlements of Vodyanoye and and Leninskoye, 5 shells of 120 mm calibre were fired.

Message from civilians: ‘There is powerful artillery fire! From Alchevsk to Bakhmutka. Kirovsk, at 16:55 it was heard quite well. At Kirovsk it is very loud! It is loud at Stakhanov quarter! Debaltsevo’s not quiet anymore. In Bryanka, LPR, it is loud! In the northern districts of Donetsk 152mm artillery can be heard! From Debaltsevo to Gorlovka and the side of Donetsk it can be heard. Komsomolsky heard reverberations – there is darkness’.” he wrote.

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In turn, Donetsk military officer Denis Grigoryuk on his Telegram channel, also confirming the fact of massive shelling of Donetsk, reminded Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky of his promise to stop active hostilities.

“I think I’m not the only one hearing the cannonade. Very interesting sounds that have not been heard in Donetsk for a long time, not on the outskirts.

Locals say that heavy shells, sound like 152 mm, fall in the area of the first area, the Volvo Center.

It seems that Zelensky stated that nothing like this will happen during his tenure, that the talks should go ahead in the spring. And here at the end of January a murder near Dolomitnoye and explosions are heard in Donetsk.

But he makes beautiful videos. The masses like him so much,” resented Grigoryuk.

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