The Ukrainian Army Cries Wolf to the JCCC Before Shelling Donbass

The Ukrainian army has developed a new tactic of shelling the L/DPR. Before starting to hit positions, the UAF write a complaint to the Joint Centre for Control and Coordination (JCCC) – “militants violated the truce”. After that soldiers of the Republics’ armies are reprimanded by the JCCC command and are forbidden from opening fire. Ukrainians, meanwhile, are firing with impunity. This was told by the military and documentary maker Maksim Fadeyev.

At yesterday’s press conference, President Zelensky said that “we do not shoot at Ukrainians, we respond to the militants”, stressing that the UAF does not hit the L/DPR first, and only responds to the “provocations of the militants”. Although, according to the OHCHR report, 81% victims (killed and injured) in 2019 were recorded by international observers on the side of the Republics. Even the chairman of the United Nations Human Rights Monitoring Mission in Ukraine, Matilda Bogner, was forced to accentuate responsibility on the command of the UAF in her recent call for a cease-fire and make the safety of civilians a priority.

At the same time, the situation at several sections of the frontline and in nearby villages has seriously worsened. And if, for example, something is known from the news about Gorlovka, Aleksandrovka, Sakhanka, then the escalation in the areas near Berezovsky and Golubovsky (LPR) remain in the media shadow. For more than a week, Kirovsk has been without water, as the UAF has interrupted the power line feeding the water station and opened fire at the repairers, who are unsuccessfully trying to repair it. And on the eve of Victory Day Ukrainian “knights” originally “congratulated” the last veteran of the Great Patriotic War in Golubovsky, firing an anti-tank guided missile at the civilian ZIL that had brought coal to him (see the photo), the driver miraculously survived. Sergey Ignatievich – this is the veteran’s name – was only ironic about the whole situation: “back then I was serving on the border [with Japan], and now I find myself in the middle of a war on the border,” writes Fadeev on his Telegram channel.

The situation is even more depressing on the very front line in the area of the above-mentioned localities of the LPR, says the military correspondent. From 60 to 200+ 120mm and 152mm caliber shells arrive at positions every day.

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“But something else is paradoxical. The UAF even excelled the Commander-in-Chief and put all the blame on the people’s militia with a special trick and cynicism: before opening fire, they send a complaint to the JCCC about ‘a violation of the ceasefire by the militants’. And this trick has been done many times both in the DPR and in the LPR – even to the absurd: The shell lands on a [DPR – ed] position, seriously injures a soldier, he is evacuated (and therefore a response is not given – although there is already an order ‘not to succumb to provocations’), and a crushing reprimand (with further difficult consequences) ‘arrives’ from the JCCC command, since the chiefs believe Ukrainian representatives in the JCCC! And this inexplicable trustfulness of the high command has been shown repeatedly, which has a very demoralising effect on the personnel,” writes Fadeev.

“Therefore, on the front line there is a correct approach among soldiers: if the JCCC receives a complaint from the UAF – wait for mortar fire,” he sums up.

As a reminder, the heads of the LPR Leonid Pasechnik and the DPR Denis Pushilin, in connection with the increasing shelling by the UAF, and the absence of any reaction from the Ukrainian authorities, decided to bring the troops of the Republics to the state of highest combat readiness.

Roman Veprev

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