The Ukrainian Army Fires MLRS at Civilians in the Kharkov Region

NEW – April 6, 2022

In the Kharkov region. Izyum greeted us with the shelling of the Ukrainian “Uragan”. The UAF is hitting the city with cluster munitions. Civilians are dying.

Russian military medics under fire collect wounded civilians through the streets and take them to a field hospital. They are assisted by our military doctors, working to the accompaniment of Ukrainian artillery.

To the question of the “bloodlust” of the Russian army. In the same way, Ukrainian troops attacked Bucha. And civilians were killed there in the same way from the blows of the UAF.

As a result of the Kiev regime’s rocket artillery strike on residential areas of Izyum 2 hours ago [at the time of publication – ed], 7 civilians were injured. 5 people were killed. The UAF uses cluster munitions around the city. A barbaric way of waging war. Well, for the neo-Nazi regime, this is the norm. Russian military medics rescue civilians.

Aleksandr Kots, Evgeny Poddubny

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