The Ukrainian Army Killed a 10-Year-Old Girl in Donetsk

NEW – July 5, 2022

War is grief that concerns not only the military, but also the civilian population. And the longer it goes, the deeper the scars remain.

Strikes on Donetsk and other settlements of the Republic destroy not only infrastructure, but also take the lives of innocent people.

Today, a little girl died in the centre of Donetsk (Voroshilovsky district), she was only 10 years old. She was just playing outside near the courtyard of her house. There are no military facilities in this area, just the quiet streets of the old city centre.

Warning: profanity in Russian

What to say to this heartbroken mother, what words of support to find. She doesn’t care who is right and who is to blame for this war. Her life is destroyed. Five minutes ago she had a family – a husband and a daughter, and now it all broke in one moment.

The locals can’t contain their emotions — the child’s body was covered with a sheet — it is being collected literally in parts.

I know one thing for sure, in order not to bury children anymore, we need to win. And we need to do this at any cost and as soon as possible. Every day the shelling of the Republic is becoming more cynical. The shelling is carried out with a large caliber, the nazis use self-propelled guns and howitzers of 152 and 155 mm caliber, they use MLRS of various types. At the same time, to date, Western models of artillery are mainly used.

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The uncle of the 10-year-old girl, who saw off his niece today, had a grandson killed in the Tekstilshchik district on May 9 – also due to shelling by the Ukrainian military. “We sat down in the kitchen to drink tea and we hear: ‘bang’! Running into the corridor, after some time — another ‘bang’ — everything flew around. At that time, the military had already arrived, they said not to go out. When they came out, there was a dead child lying there,” says a neighbour.

Almost all the shells fired are high-explosive, this type of ammunition is designed against manpower. And when these shells fly through a residential area, it is not difficult to guess that civilians are supposed to be the target.

The mother and grandfather of the murdered child told how the tragedy happened: “They [the children] were just walking. She wanted to run home to brush her hair.” The girl did not have time to run: there was an explosion. After that, according to a neighbour, she heard her mother’s scream.

Opposite us are the same Slavs as we are. Only fooled over these eight years by well-tuned Western propaganda. But at the same time, in the days of the developed Internet, I am sure that the gunners on the other side perfectly monitor their work. Didn’t this gunner’s heart skip a beat when he found out that he had killed a child, or a woman, or an old man? And, unfortunately, it is these segments of the population that become the most vulnerable during shelling.

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I’m not talking about broken houses, schools, hospitals. In a day, this scum release more than 300 rounds of ammunition on the DPR. For understanding, when one 155 mm projectile hits a house, there is little left of it. Every day there are killed and dozens of wounded civilians.

Most likely, those who strike cities are not even looking for excuses for themselves, writing off everything on war and putting civilians in the rank of enemies. From the rank of the military, these people have moved to the rank of criminals who are subject to trial. And they understand it perfectly. And also, I’m sure they understand perfectly well that they are finished. And that they will be broken in the near future. That’s why they are furious with impotence and throw out all their hatred on people. At the same time, getting dirty in the blood of civilians, depriving themselves of the only chance to surrender and then return home alive.

Andrey Rudenko

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