The Ukrainian Army Killed Three Children Just 24 Hours After Massacring a 10-Year-Old Girl

NEW – July 7, 2022

Two boys were killed as a result of the shelling of Makeyevka by the UAF. One of the victims was playing at the playground and died on the spot, the other was fatally wounded in the yard, he died on the way to the hospital.

Two girls and two women were also wounded by shrapnel. According to the grandfather of one of the victims, she is now in intensive care. Later, it became known that one of the girls, aged 8, died in the hospital. As a result of the shelling of Makeyevka, three children were killed.

“There were a lot of children… The girl did not reach the entrance, but the boy was killed here,” said an eyewitness about today’s strike.

In the footage, you can see the very playground where everything happened.

The reporter showed fragments of cluster munitions — of course, their use in cities as “areal” weapons is strictly prohibited by all kinds of conventions. But Ukrainian war criminals do not care about international law.

“I haven’t heard or seen anything like this since 2014,” said a resident of Makeyevka about the shelling.

Readovka military commander Evgeny Linin showed the consequences of the shelling – a missile body sticks out right in the roof of a five-story building, windows are broken in the apartments, and a huge crater is visible near the kindergarten, which is located nearby.

“They fired — it’s terrible, I haven’t heard or seen anything like this since 2014, everyone here is in shock, my glass was broken, people have balconies and windows. I had a child running around on the playground – her head was scratched by a fragment. She said that she had a headache, they looked, and there was blood coming,” says a local resident. According to the woman, there were at least 12 arrivals – and this was in Makeyevka alone.

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An eyewitness of the events, hardly restraining emotions, said that immediately after the UAF strike, the girl was still alive:

“When it calmed down a little bit, I went out on the balcony, looked: there were two children at the playground. A boy and a girl… The girl was still sitting, she was alive. She fiddled with the boy somehow… Then, when I jumped out… the girl was already lying on the boy.”

UPDATE: In sum, 6 people were killed in the DPR from Ukrainian shelling, including three children, and 19 people were wounded.


  • two boys born in 2015;
  • a girl born in 2015;
  • a teenage boy born in 2005;
  • a man born in 1952.

Injuries of varying severity were received:

  • children (boys) born in 2014, born in 2012, and born in 2014;
  • teenage girl born in 2009;
  • women born in 1946, 1976, 1965.

Donetsk city:
Petrovsky district:

  • a woman born in 1961 died.

Kirovsky district:

  • three women born in 1946, 1949 and 1993 were wounded.


  • a man born in 1987 was killed
  • a woman born in 1981 was injured.

This is how Zelensky reacted to the murder of THREE CHILDREN and THREE ADULTS and the wounding of 19 civilians in the DPR:

“Finally, it feels like the Western artillery that we received from Western partners has worked very powerfully. It’s accuracy is really as it should be!”.

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