The Ukrainian Army Purposely Killed a 5-year-old Child in Donbass

Today, militants of the 59th brigade of the Ukrainian Armed Forces used an unmanned aerial vehicle equipped with an improvised explosive device. The target that Ukrainian militants chose for committing a terrorist act was a residential area of the settlement of Aleksandrovskoye (DPR), where they dropped an explosive device near the house at the address 36/2 Dorozhnaya Street.

At that moment, TWO civilians were in the courtyard. As a result of the criminal actions of Ukrainian militants, a child born in 2016 was killed and a local resident born in 1954 was injured in various degrees of severity, who was taken to the hospital, where she received all the necessary medical care.

Judging by the distance to the locality from the contact line (about 15 km) where a five-year-old boy was killed by Ukrainian militants, it was not a quadrocopter from AliExpress that was used, but a good expensive drone. And the operator could see very well where he was dropping it.

Here you see NATO’s assistance to Ukraine, and cooperation with Turkey…

The Chairman of the State Duma Vyacheslav Volodin after the death of a child in Donbass said that it was necessary to discuss the exclusion of Ukraine from the Council of Europe.

“Today a tragedy happened.

But the European media does not write about it. There are no statements from the European Parliament and the US State Department. The foreign ministers of European states do not speak. No decisions are made on the expulsion of diplomats. The president of the country who sent a military drone to the war against his own people is not stigmatised.

A child was killed. He had a long life ahead of him. But it was cut short. 

All this happened with the consent of overseas patrons and the tacit approval of European states.

What’s it? Double standards? No. Much worse. 

The one who has previously seen all this only in films or played roles in them, will have to answer for this.

If Zelensky was a real president of his country and was aware of what is happening under his leadership, he would probably think ten times. But for him, his current position is a role.

It is bad when the head of state is just an actor who is used to play according to someone else’s script. And only the writer of the script knows what the end will be.

A five-year-old boy died today. And the president of the country, who gave the order, did not even offer condolences to his relatives and did not promise to investigate the incident.

I consider it necessary that the OSCE PA and PACE, where they like to wag their tongues, assess this and demand an explanation from the Ukrainian leadership.

It is necessary to discuss the issue of excluding this country from the Council of Europe. 

Only in this case, there will be fewer deaths, innocently lost children and adults at the hands of people who make such decisions.”

Andrey Marochko

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