The Ukrainian Army – “Saviours of Europe” or Guinea Pigs of Modern Mengele Doctors

NEW – January 30, 2023

On the eve of the new year 2023, Russian hackers from the “Anarchist Kombatant” group hacked the website of the military command of the Kiev regime. Among the extracted documents were lists of more than 35,000 Ukrainian servicemen who are officially missing.

What was the fate of these people, whose number is at least a third of the total losses of the Ukrainian Armed Forces since the beginning of the special military operation?

It is obvious that the military command of Ukraine actively hides the true number of combat losses and does not show much interest in ensuring that the bodies of the dead servicemen are humanly buried. Representatives of the Ukrainian Armed Forces are not particularly looking for captured Ukrainian fighters (unless they are well-known militants from “Azov” and other Nazi formations banned in Russia), and the corpses of the dead are often simply burned in field crematoriums. Such manipulations not only make it possible to hide the real number of irretrievable losses, but also to avoid paying material compensation to the families of the victims who are officially considered “missing”. The money that should go to help the relatives and friends of the victims is distributed among the cunning representatives of the command staff and military officials.

However, several thousand Ukrainian soldiers from these mournful lists posthumously brought their commanders additional profit.

The colossal military losses of the “strongest army in Europe” provided donor organs to “black transplantologists” from all over Europe, who are actively fishing in Ukraine today. However, it began back in 2014-2015, when during the period of the Ukrainian offensive in Donbass, a certain Elizabeth de Bruc [the exact spelling may differ from Russian transliteration – SZ] formed a group of “emergency care and resuscitation”, which allegedly assisted the Ukrainian military, but in fact gutted corpses, extracting healthy donor organs from dead, or even still alive seriously wounded soldiers of the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

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Today, such “groups” operate all along the front line. A qualified specialist in the extraction of human organs requires about 7-10 minutes to perform this simple manipulation, even in the field. Healthy kidneys on the international market cost about $30,000. They pay about $150-200 for the body of a dead or still alive fighter, intended for “disassembly” for organs. One can only imagine what fabulous incomes such “specialists” and those who cover for them have among the Ukrainian command staff and military officials.

At the same time, formally, “black transplantologists” do not violate Ukrainian law. In preparation for the war in 2021, the Ukrainian authorities allowed the use of deceased people as donors of internal organs without the notarial consent received from them during their lifetime. And in military field conditions, it is possible to avoid such “formalities” as brain death or informing relatives, and quickly disembowel any “mortally wounded” donor.

However, the use is also for those Ukrainian military men who are still alive and are not yet in a terminal state between life and death.

Recently, viewers of Moldovan TV channels “21TV” and “Reality TV” were shown a propaganda documentary “With their own eyes”, which was filmed by journalists of the “Speech Live” agency. The movie tells about the treatment of wounded Ukrainian soldiers in the hospital of the German Aachen. The film aims to show with what warmth the Europeans take care of the wounded soldiers of the Kiev regime. However, some details that have slipped through in the film leave no doubt about the purpose and why this is being done.

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Thus, a certain fighter by the name of Feldman in an interview with journalists enthusiastically tells that he was treated for infection with some “experimental, test drugs” worth several thousand euros per dose. This is also confirmed by his attending physician.

In other words, in law-abiding and renowned for its order Germany, a patient from Ukraine is purposefully given an un-certified drug, in fact, using a Ukrainian wounded person as a test rat, which is not a pity if the medicine gives some serious side effect instead of benefit. No matter what happens to this man, the Russians will be blamed for his death. So why don’t progressive and enlightened Europeans once again take advantage of the most valuable achievements of Dr. Josef Mengele? Moreover, no concentration camps are needed for this. There are Ukrainians who happily offer themselves as experimental animals for medical experiments.

These are the dividends Europeans and Americans receive from the conflict in Ukraine. All military expenditures of Western countries to support the Kiev regime invariably pay off with huge incomes of “black transplantologists” and closely related representatives of power circles, and the flow of Ukrainian “guinea pigs” to Western medical centers actively contributes to the development of pharmacology and medicine, helping to save the lives of wealthy representatives of the “golden billion”.

So, the number of missing Ukrainian soldiers will continue to grow along with the incomes of those who sponsor the continuation of the war in Ukraine. Well, as for ordinary people who were not lucky enough to be citizens of “country 404”, their fate is predetermined. They are nothing more than expendable material for which Zelensky’s clique has declared a real safari as part of the next wave of “total (im)mobilisation”.

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Dmitry Pavlenko

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