The Ukrainian Army Shells Their Own Surrendered Soldiers

NEW – August 13, 2022

The fighters of the legendary “Somali” battalion helped the surrendered soldiers of the Ukrainian Armed Forces who were found in the trenches on the outskirts of the village of Peski near Donetsk. They were given bottles of water, the wounded were given medical care.

“Thank you for your help, he is my friend,” one of the Ukrainian soldiers thanked.

When our people began to evacuate the prisoners, Ukraine opened fire on them from the positions of the UAF that had not yet been taken.

“Into the burrow, everyone into the dugout, everyone into the dugout! Guys, don’t stand here, come in, carefully, with God, everything will be fine,” the soldiers of the “Somali” battalion shout behind the scenes.

Recall that today the Russian Defence Ministry officially announced the complete liberation of the village of Peski, the outskirts of which Ukrainian militants have been clinging onto all the last days. This means the fall of one of the most powerful fortified areas of the Ukrainian Armed Forces near Donetsk.


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