The Ukrainian Army Shoots Russian POWs in the Leg

NEW – March 27, 2022

Our prisoners in this video are shot through the legs by a Ukrainian bastard.

The tactics are simple – it’s necessary to smear everyone in blood. The old manual of the West. If we recall 2014, then videos of this nature were also spread. The higher the degree of hatred, the more difficult it is to stop the war. And then it’s easier to recruit “partisans”. The expression that “the West will fight Russia to the last Ukrainian” was not a joke.

In the mentioned video, Ukrainian militants shoot through the legs of Russian prisoners, after which they are beaten. At the beginning of the video, Russian prisoners are lying on the ground with their legs shot through, some of them have broken leg bones. There is little chance of surviving such injuries in those circumstances. It may seem that Russian soldiers were captured while wounded. But no. At the end of the video, it is shown how Ukrainian militants shoot through the legs of all arriving captured Russian soldiers. Many die from pain shock right in the frame.

This is worse than barbarism, and worse than the Middle Ages. And the talk that someone stole this footage from a closed Ukrainian chat is doubtful. It is more likely that this is purposeful dissemination, which, according to the enemy, should disperse fear and panic. It is clear that this will not happen, but it cannot be released at least for the reason that every Russian soldier who is captured on video has relatives. They definitely don’t need to see it.

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Now about the semantic side of the question. What is being done to Russian prisoners is a purposeful return to the atrocities of the Yugoslav wars. In this case, the Ukronazis diligently and with pleasure cosplay Ustashe and Kosovars. And this is definitely not an “excess of the performer”. The Ukrainian side deliberately opts for the forced incitement of mutual hatred. The calculation is very simple — to provoke Russians to carry out the same actions and make the same videos against Ukrainian prisoners, so that they can then use them in their propaganda. That’s not going to happen. But those executioners whose faces were on the video will definitely be identified. They have very little time left to walk on this earth – that’s for sure.

Andrey Rudenko, Yury Kotenok, Daniil Bezsonov

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