The “Ukrainian Catholic University” Collaborates With US Intelligence Agencies

What beauty… The “Ukrainian” Catholic University (UCU) held a charity evening. The university is headed by the American Boris Gudziak, who is close to the leadership of the United States Democratic Party and is Archbishop of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church.

During his speech to the audience, a picture of a woman and the message “Nadia Diuk Scholarship Support Program – $25,000” are displayed on the screen all the time.

For most residents, this surname won’t say anything. But in fact Nadia Diuk is the Vice President of the NED US foundation. The foundation is funded by the United States Congress as part of the budget of the United States Agency for International Development (USAID).

As Wikipedia points out: “The foundation has been widely criticised for its activities. In some countries, receiving money from the National Democracy Fund is considered a crime.”

There we read: “As was reported on the official website of the foundation, NED financed opposition movements ‘Solidarity’ in Poland, ‘Charter 77’ in Czechoslovakia, and ‘Otpor’ in Serbia.”

“The foundation’s activities are funded from the state budget as part of the State Department’s expenditures for the US Agency for International Development.”

I.e., in fact, students will be on the scholarships of the State Department.

On the same Wikipedia we find the following: “According to critics, the National Foundation for Democracy is a pseudo-social organisation, and its activities are closely related to the CIA. As one of the foundation’s founders, Allen Weinstein, put it in 1991, ‘much of what we do today, 25 years ago the CIA did secretly’.”

“In 2004 the foundation provided a ReaganFascell research grant to Chechen separatist Ilyas Akhmadov, who the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs called a ‘terrorist accomplice’, and law enforcement agencies reported that they ‘have evidence of Akhmadov’s ties with Maskhadov and the leader of Chechen bandits Shamil Basayev.’

In 2011, the Wikileaks website published information showing that the foundation supported Arab youth movements that later took an active part in a series of revolutions that broke out in the Middle East in 2011.”

I think that it is not necessary to comment further on what the UCU is doing, given that the activities of Father Boris Gudziak bear many signs that he worked for US intelligence.

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Aleksandr Voznesensky

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