The Ukrainian Interior Minister Avakov Handed Out Medals to Militants Exhibiting Nazi Symbols

Translated by Ollie Richardson


The press service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine posted a video from the celebrations on the occasion of so-called “Volunteer’s Day” – the anniversary of the beginning of the formation of punitive battalions from the “self-defense hundreds” of Euromaidan to quell the uprising in the Russian regions in South-East Ukraine in 2014.

In the video the Interior Minister Arsen Avakov gives awards to militants from “Azov”, whose uniforms feature a stylised swastika – the wolfsangel. A banner with the same symbol is held by one of the militants standing behind the minister.

“I am proud of you, like all the people of Ukraine,” Avakov said, noting that every eighth militant of the volunteer nationalist battalions either died or was injured during the carrying out of the so-called ATO.

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