The Ukrainian Ministry of Healthcare Abolished Regular Medical Check-Ups

Translated by Ollie Richardson


The Ministry of Healthcare cancelled medical examinations for Ukrainians and also the control card of dispensary checkups. From the middle of the year screening examinations will be carried out for  risk groups only. This was stated by the press service of the Ministry of Healthcare on their page on Facebook.

“The control card No. 030/о for dispensary checkups is cancelled.

The ‘medical examination’ – the regular examination of healthy people – doesn’t exist and isn’t recognised in the civilised world as an effective model of healthcare. Moreover, excessive radiological examinations are dangerous for patients, and a significant amount of diagnostic inspections and laboratory research leads to the accumulation of false results and further unnecessary treatment,” it is said in the statement. 

The ministry noted that from the middle of year Ukraine will switch to a model of regular screening examinations for risk groups.

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