The Ukrainian Nationalist Larisa Nitsoy Flew into a Rage Because Ukrainian Children Don’t Know Who Stepan Bandera Is

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


The odious Ukrainian writer Larisa Nitsoy was outraged by the fact that Ukrainian children know nothing about Stepan Bandera. According to her, she visited a children’s camp located on the territory of Ukraine and sang songs from the repertoire of the Ukrainian Insurgent Army. The ideologist of Ukrainian nationalism is mentioned in the text of one of them. As Nitsoy affirms, “from 60 children only 2 knew who Bandera is”.

“The children’s answer: ‘Bandera is someone who plays a bandera [in reality they mean bandura – ed]’. I just have no words,” said Nitsoy in an interview to the ZIK TV channel.

The former Prime Minister of Ukraine Nikolay Azarov in a conversation with the correspondent of the Federal News Agency rigidly responded to the words of the so-called writer, and emphasised that Nitsoy should be mentioned as little as possible, since discussions popularise the nonsense that comes from her lips.

“The less we will mention the surname of this unworthy person, the better. I can say only one thing: during the last four and a half years the Kiev regime has distorted the historical truth and forms in the population – first of all, children – a certain ‘new thinking’ that popularises radical nationalism,” said the politician.

As Azarov stated, Bandera is the main “hero” of the current Ukrainian authorities — even the president Petro Poroshenko calls himself “cynical Bandera”.

“Banderist readings are carried out, although this person isn’t the author of scientific work. He is nothing more than a bandit from the highway. However, Banderist readings are carried out in Ukraine. The line [the state policy of Ukraine] is clear. And the fact that someone sings along with her… The less we remember this surname [Nitsoy], the greater the service we do for the people,” summarised Nikolay Azarov.

Larisa Nitsoy is known for her provocative and sharp statements. In particular, she was outraged because employees of the SBU speak in Russian, and the children of Donbass go to camps in Ukraine for a holiday.

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