The Ukrainian Nazi Andrey Gergert Boasted About Performing Tasks for the SBU

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


Andrey Gergert (“Cherven”), the commander of the 8th detached battalion of the “Ukrainian Volunteer Army” (UVA) controlled by the founder of the “Right Sector” Dmitry Yarosh, stated that Ukrainian nationalists continue to fight at the front line in Donbass, contrary to the Minsk Agreements.

According to the militant, all of the operations of nationalists are coordinated with the UAF and SBU.

“After all, we want to perform our tasks professionally. We do this with the UAF and SBU, we hand prisoners over to the SBU, we hand over samples of Russian weapons, modern radios, and the passports of citizens Russian when we find them in the trenches to the SBU. We plan our operations together with the UAF because there are minefields, the situation demands it. All of this is completely controlled, it is planned in a friendly way and communicated,” said Cherven.

It should be noted that UVA isn’t a part of the law enforcement bodies of Ukraine and is considered to be an illegal armed group even from the point of view of Ukrainian legislation.

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